‘Frankie goes to Zagreb!’ Eurovision fans are left bemused by Croatia’s psychedelic rock entry – who performed their anti-war song in lipstick, trenchcoats and tight pants

  •  Croatia’s act Let 3 impressed with their song Mama ŠČ! in the semi-final
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In a singing contest that is never knowingly not flamboyant, Croatia’s 2023 act has managed to push even Eurovision’s boundaries.

Croatian rock band Let 3, who first formed in the 1980s, left those tuning into the first semi-final in Liverpool on Tuesday fascinated and wondering whether someone had dropped something in their early evening cup of tea.

The man-band, in dresses, close-fitting underwear and trenchcoats, performed their song Mama ŠČ! in the semi-final – and won a legion of new fans, as well as bemusing many more. 

On social media, many were already predicting that the five-man band would score highly in the final, despite the vocals to their political song not being the most melodious in the competition. 

‘Frankie goes to Zagreb!’ quipped one viewer, while another said the band was like a Village People Monty Python mash-up. 

Jah jah ding dong! Croatia’s Let3 won a legion of new fans with their distinctive style of rock at the Eurovision semi-finals in Liverpool 

Others questioned their sanity, such was the psychedelic nature of the performance. 

‘I feel like someone has put LSD in my cuppa’ said one viewer of the semi-finals, while another added: ‘Nothing against #Croatia but wtf???? Am I hallucinating??’

At a press conference in Liverpool ahead of the semi-final, the band said Mama ŠČ! had anti-war sentiments, saying: ‘Our expression is always in some kind of way trying to make this world a better place for everybody. 

‘Our stupid but very clever song is a kind of way to be an anti-war song. We believe there are no winners in wars.’

Seeing more than double: The set left viewers wondering if their tea had been spiked

The band, who first formed in the 80s, said of their entry: ‘Our stupid but very clever song is a kind of way to be an anti-war song’

The singing was secondary to the mind-boggling stage set

The bookies have already had their say on who will win Eurovision 2023 – with Sweden backed to win the competition.

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the UK for the first time in 25 years, as Liverpool hosts the highly anticipated annual event.

The second semi-final takes place on Thursday, with the grand finale on Saturday May 13.

Sweden is taking the lead with Loreen’s Tattoo, which has odds listed as 8/13 on bet365.

The singer, who returned to the stage after winning the 2012 contest, is set to face tight competition from Finland this year.

Finland, who will be represented by Käärijä with the song Cha Cha Cha, sit in second spot at 9/4.

Ukraine is following up with an 8/1, France is at 8/1 and Spain is at 20/1 – rounding out the top five.

The Czech Republic has been well-backed recently, and with a Top 10 finish at 66/1.

Mae Muller, who will represent the UK, now finds herself with a 33/1 chance of winning in Liverpool.

The singer, 25, will perform in the grand final with her track I Wrote A Song, which features tongue-in-cheek lyrics about a cheating ex-boyfriend and a propulsive dance beat.

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