Today is World Sleep Day, an annual event intended to be a celebration of sleep, and to raise awareness of the important issues related to snoozing.

Many people struggle to sleep at night, which can lead to mental and physical health problems.

If you don’t get your recommended seven hours a night it can take a serious toll on your energy, productivity, emotional balance and even your weight.

There is nothing worse than lying awake in bed, counting down the hours until you have to be up.

The more frustrated you get, the harder it is to drift off to sleep.

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Luckily, for World Sleep Day, James Wilson, aka The Sleep Geek, has shared one of his tricks to break the cycle.

He calls this the 30 minute rule, which is designed to “break the pattern of negative thoughts” when you’re struggling to sleep.

James exclusively told the Daily Star Online: “When talking about sleeping well, one of the things I start people with is the 30 minute rule.

“If you are in bed for more than thirty minutes you need to break the pattern of negative thoughts around your sleep.”

You also have to make sure your body is ready for going to sleep.

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He said: “If this occurs before bed it might be a case of going to bed a bit later and ensuring you have dropped your heart rate and core temperature before bed to create that lovely sleepy feeling.”

If you suddenly wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep, you need to break the pattern, according to James.

He said: “If you wake in the night it is ensuring that you do something to let your mind wander again.”

You can either do this in bed, or physically getting out of bed and going into another room.

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James explained: “If you sleep alone you can do this in bed, if you share a bed I would recommend getting away from them, away from them mocking you with their sleep… go in another room and listen to a podcast, spoken word book, the radio or a meditation app.”

Then you simply have to “let your mind wander and go back to bed”.

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