If space travel sounds like something too futuristic to wrap your mind around, you may need to take a seat for this one… the world’s first space hotel is plowing forward with plans to open to the public in 2027. The world of space travel is not only around the corner, but it’s being worked on as we speak. Of course, major work has to be put into making a hotel of this nature feasible, and comfortable, and the wheels are already in motion to optimize this experience. The Voyager Station is poised to begin construction in 2026 and open to the public the following year. The capacity of the hotel is slated as being 280 guests, which is in addition to the 112 crew members it expects to employ and house as well, and its going to be more luxurious and unique than anything anyone has ever imagined.

According to Architectural Digest, the company that has launched this enormous undertaking is the Orbital Assembly Corporation, and they’re about to offer the experience of a lifetime to anyone who can afford it.

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In order to successfully enjoy a stay at this hotel, all aspects of the space experience are carefully being evaluated, and every detail is being meticulously arranged. Architectural Digest reports that “the physics involved in sleeping within a space hotel is similar to spinning water in a bucket. Much in the same way one can spin a bucket in a circle, keeping the water inside of it, the space hotel would simulate gravity in a similar manner.”

This doesn’t sound as though it would suit someone with motion sickness, that’s for sure! The hotel is set to feature special ‘space food’ which is the typical freeze dried variety of food options that are available during space travel. In addition to this, is the ultra cool ability for all guests of the hotel to enjoy gravitationally heightened experiences that they wouldn’t be able to experience anywhere else.ย 

The hotel is going to feature what Dezeen is referring to as ‘gravity games’, which are the same sports and activities that guests would typically play, except without the gravitational limitations we experience here on earth.

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This truly out-of-this-world adventure will surely come with a huge price tag attached to it. At this time, it’s speculated that the cost of space travel alone is estimated to be $250,000 per person, and the accommodations, meals, and extra curricular activities will most likely be available at an added cost.

The hotel is likely to optimize the experience of their elite guests by offering high end suites and villas which boast additional amenities for an additional fee.

The Orbital Assembly Corporation is seeking to offer a space-hotel experience that is easily accessible to consumers that can afford the price tag, and although there is no formal partnership in place with Elon Musk just yet, they haven’t ruled out the opportunity of joining forces with him to enhance this project even further, in the future.

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