ADHD symptoms: The five behaviours I had no idea were related until I got a diagnosis at 30 years old 

  • Coach shares five habits of people with ADHD 
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An ADHD coach has revealed five little-known behaviours people who have the neurodivergent condition often display.

Kelly Baum, from the US, said habits like listening to the same song over and over, constantly bumping into furniture and putting off simple tasks can be symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The life coach was diagnosed with ADHD herself at the age of 30 and said her ‘mind was blown’ when she found out which of her habits could be attributed to the condition. 

Kelly said people with the condition will listen to the same song on repeat for weeks to months until they ‘have drawn all the emotion out’ of the tune and are sick of it. 

Another behaviour is putting off small tasks, even ones that only take a few minutes. 

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ADHD coach Kelly Baum (pictured) has revealed five little-known behaviours people with ADHD often do. She was diagnosed with the condition at 30-years-old

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‘Even though you know it will literally take you five minutes, you cannot get yourself to do it,’ Kelly said.  

‘No matter how hard you try or no matter how many times people tell you, ‘Just do it,’ you can’t.’

Constantly running into things like furniture is a common habit of people with ADHD. 

‘ADHD and neurodivergence can impact your proprioception which is your awareness of the position and movement of your body,’ Kelly explained. 

Coffee can have the ‘opposite’ effect on ‘ADHDers’ according to Kelly and can even make them feel tired. 

‘This has to do with the fact they have a lower dopamine level,’ she said.  

Coffee can have the opposite effect on people with ADHD and even make them feel tired: ‘It raises dopamine levels, things even out and you feel like little bit more relaxed’ (stock image)

Honestly my mind was blown when I found out about these after my late diagnosis 😵‍💫😂 #adhdcheck #neurospicy #adhdinwomen #latedoagnosedadhd #adhdprobs

‘When you drink coffee it raises your dopamine levels and things even out and you feel like little bit more relaxed, kind of like a stimulant medication dose.’

Finally, the coach said people with ADHD will often sit in the car for a while after arriving at their destination. 

‘This is because they often struggle with switching tasks. It’s like you’ve got to work yourself up for it,’ she said. 

Kelly shared the five lesser known behaviours in a TikTok clip which was viewed more than 3.2million times. 

‘I will literally sit in my car for an hour after I get home…Now I know why! ‘ one user replied. 

‘Just recently found out I have ADHD. This is me to a freaking tee,’ a second wrote. 

‘It took me five weeks to put away a load of laundry I washed in one day but I did it!’ laughed another.  

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