FROSTIES sweets were a firm fan favourite and boomed in popularity in the 1980s.

Fans have been begging for their return ever since they were discontinued – even going so far as launching a Facebook page dedicated to bringing to sweets back.

Here's everything you need to know about the Barratt's favourites.

What were Frosties sweets?

Frosties sweets were a hard, round, cola-flavoured sweets coated in sugar with a chewy centre.

The sticky treat first came in individual foil wrappers to stop them getting stuck together.

Those with a sweet tooth had to peel off the foil for each treat before they could tuck in.

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Later on, the treat was produced in a tube wrapped in foil, bringing it in line with other Barratts sweets at the time.

They were loved by countless Brits for their flavour – and were also cheap.

In the 80s, you could purchase a whole bag for just 5p.

Why and when were Frosties discontinued

Frosties sweets were discontinued by Barratt in 2015 despite being a popular fan favourite.

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It is not known why the sweet was discontinued, but many believe their high sugar content made it tricky to find a lower sugar alternative.

What are some Frosties alternatives?

While Frosties aren't available in their traditional form today, savvy shoppers have spotted them in mixed bags of Barratt's sweets.

A Home Bargains shopper took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group to share their find.

The post has over 250 likes and 140 comments, with one group member saying: "I need these lollies now!"

Another group member commented about the Frosties: "They were a staple in my childhood – remind me so much of my dad."

The lollies sell for £1.09 at Home Bargains. 

Others have found similar multi-pack bags at PoundLand.

Otherwise, some Brits say they are very similar to cola cubes, which can be bought in multi-packs on Amazon or in classic sweet shops.

Countless sweets have been discontinued over the years.

B&M brought out a new bag of chewy sweets based on Barratt's popular Wham bars.

The Space Babies sweets are being sold for just £1 a bag in B&M, but shoppers can also grab them in Home Bargains and discount supermarket Farmfoods.

And McVities brought back its white chocolate digestive biscuits after almost 20 years off supermarket shelves.

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And Rowntree’s confirmed Tooty Frooties will NEVER come back after a fan begged for their return.

And the same firm apologised to shoppers who threatened to boycott it after the axing of iconic '80s treat the Nutty bar.

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