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A Full Moon finds the lunar orb is positioned opposite the Sun. Due to this location, the Moon finds itself fully illuminated by the light of the Sun.

The Moon and the Sun are consequently on opposite sides of the zodiac during a Full Moon.

Spiritual advisers think Full Moons can therefore create a challenging and intense aspect of energy.

And in addition this is also believed to offer particularly potent potentials.

This is because the lunar and solar energies are thought to be in a balanced cosmic harmony.

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The result of this Full Moon’s astrological energy is amplified emotions, feelings and mental ability.

When the Sun and Moon oppose each other during a Full Moon period, unpleasant tension and friction may occur.

But simultaneously, significantly improved vision and potential possibilities may be brought to the fore.

Such occasions are considered an important time for gratitude and acknowledging just how lucky you are.

People take this time of the Full Moon to recognise the beauty of life itself.

Others also report a burning desire to express their creativity.

Heightened sensual activities may result through strong yet profoundly tender vibrations.

A Moon at its maximum may offer the ideal opportunity to appraise aspects of your life no longer serving the grandest vision of your soul.

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Some suggest a Full Moon is a moment to realise your manifestation desires.

These are thought to be those things you have manifested and for those things coming into form at a later date.

Try not to forget your manifestation desires may also arrive in unexpected ways, which will appear different to your original desires.

People in tune with their spirituality can use these feelings to create something truly special.

These manifestation desires may even need to be suppressed in honour to surrender to a greater force.

The Full Moon is recognised by some to be a good time to “moon bathe”.

This involves simply sitting under the Moon’s lunar light and meditating.

While inhaling, allow the Moon to gently heat your heart .

Then, expand the beauty of the present while exhaling to allow the Moon’s light to transmute what you wish to release.

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