We’re living through something of a gin renaissance.

There’s pink gin, various types of infused gin, parma violet gin, glittery rhubarb gin… the list is endless.

But it turns out if you’re fond of a splash of tonic with your gin, we’ve some startling news for you.

You may be a… psychopath.

An Austrian study found that those who prefer bitter flavours like black coffee, dark chocolate, gin and tonic water are more likely to possess traits that indicate “machiavellianism, psychoticism, and narcissism”.

Researchers from the country’s Innsbrook University carried out two tests on 953 subjects. 

Men and women sampled different foods that were sour, salty and bitter and were asked to grade each item on a scale.

The participants also answered personality questionnaires that gauged their emotional stability.

The study says: “Supertasting, that is, having a high sensitivity to bitter compounds, has been consistently linked to increased emotionality in humans and rats.

“Bitter taste experiences were shown to elicit harsher moral judgments and interpersonal hostility.”

Research also recently showed that a gin and tonic could help hay fever sufferers during the summer months.

Usually, alcohol makes hayfever and asthma worse because it contains histamine and sulphites which often trigger reactions. 

But according to Asthma UK, if you stick to clear spirits like gin and vodka, you should come away feeling better because they have a low histamine content.

So, while it may make you a psychopath at least you’ll be sneeze–free if it’s your go to tipple, this summer. 


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