Getting a little frustrated with your dating apps lately? You need to watch Gina Di Vittorio’s video about dating on Hinge. Except maybe don’t watch it if you’re in public because there’s a high chance you’re about to pee your pants laughing.

The 23-year-old tells Elite Daily she has found Hinge to be a little "predictable." Luckily, she’s been able to find the hilarious silver lining. "I don’t think online dating is for everyone, but while it didn’t yield a soul mate for me, as far as comedy writing goes, it’s a goldmine," she says.

In fact, she found it so hilariously predictable that she decided to use it to channel her creativity. "It goes back to the Manic Pixie Dream Girl archetype idea," she says. "Scrolling through Hinge can feel pretty hopeless sometimes and you can’t help but find yourself thinking, ‘What is it that these guys are actually going for?’"

So, she decided to create a video that reflected what she thinks it is that guys on Hinge seem to be going for. "You can divide the video into two categories, the first is characteristics a lot of men look for in women as devices for their own masculinity," she explains. "Similar to Nathan Rabin’s Manic Pixie Dream Girl for female characters in films designed to move the male’s character development forward, parts of this video characterize an archetype of a girl who is easy to court and unchallenging be with."

Then, there’s the second aspect of the video: just how basic everyone has become. "The second aspect of the video is redundantly universal likes and ideals: dogs, food, having fun etc," she says. "Obviously none of these are bad or even shallow, just discouragingly non-substantive. I think men’s dating app profiles contain an element of good old evolutionarily advantageous instinct — increasing your chances at finding a mate by casting a wider net. It’s fair to shrug the phenomena of generic Hinge answers off as men being basic or lazy, but also worth it to consider that maybe they’re a result of men feeling more confident that they’ll find love by playing a numbers game than by just being themselves."

The result of the combination of these two aspects makes for one absolutely hilarious video that you can watch here:

As anyone who’s familiar with the apps can tell you, this experience isn’t necessarily unique to Hinge and Hinge alone. "I’m fairly new to the online dating game and have only used Hinge but according to the replies to the video, it’s very comparable to Bumble," says Di Vittorio.

As for the reaction to her video, Di Vittoria says seeing how much it resonated with people has been "really fun."

"A lot of people replied with their favorite part or other Hinge stereotypes, and my DMs are filled with girls sending screenshots of profiles they’ve seen that nearly match the video word for word," she shares. "One guy was concerned that I might have chronic laryngitis because of the bad ‘glottal fry’ in my voice but hey that’s showbiz baby."


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