Girl Scouts in Georgia create eco-friendly sleeping mats for the homeless

Girl Scout Troop 17129 in Cobb County, Georgia helping the environment and the community by collecting plastic bags to weave together sleeping mats, and donating them to the homeless.

Girl Scout Cookie season has officially started.

The national youth organization is selling a variety of cookies that’ll help fund troop activities, community service projects and camp initiatives.

Girl Scouts of the USA announced that fan favorites like Thin Mints and Caramel deLites (AKA Samoas) will be on sale for the 2022 season along with the organization’s newly released Adventureful cookies, which are a “brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt.”

Other cookies varieties listed on the Girl Scout Cookie website include Caramel Chocolate Chip, Do-si-dos (AKA Peanut Butter Sandwich), Girl Scout S’mores, Lemonades, Lemon-Ups, Peanut Butter Patties (AKA Tagalongs), Shortbread (AKA Trefoils), Toast-Yea! And Toffee-Tastic.

Depending on the troop you buy cookies from, the name and recipe might differ depending on the supplier used. Girl Scout Cookies are manufactured by ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers – both of which are licensed bakers.

If you have a preference for a cookie variety that’s made by both factories, the GSUSA encourages shoppers to contact their local Girl Scout council to find out which cookies are available.


Just like the GSUSA’s diverse cookie inventory varies by region and troop, cookie sale start dates vary throughout the country, but fans have until April to get their cookie fix.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the GSUSA has embraced technology to help cookie sales, including the online Cookie Finder, informational text system (text COOKIES to 59618) and on-demand deliveries through DoorDash.

Girl Scout Cookie customers can expect to see the new Adventureful cookies and other fan favorites available nationally from January through April.
(Girl Scouts of the USA)

Girl Scouts will also get to practice their entrepreneurial skills with virtual cookie booths and drive-thru contact-free cookie stands. In-person sales are subject to local and state COVID-19 safety protocols.


“In 2021, Girl Scouts created new ways to be successful in their cookie businesses so they could continue to use their cookie funds to power experiences like camp, troop activities, and service projects in their communities,” said interim GSUSA CEO Judith Batty, in a statement. “We are inspired by the resilience and ingenuity of Girl Scouts and cannot wait to see the girl-led innovations in the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program. You may see cookies, but we see leadership and adventure in each box.”

Girl Scout Cookie season starts on Jan. 11, 2022. Troops across the country will take part in the world’s largest entrepreneurial program for girls: the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
(Girl Scouts of the USA)

The GSUSA was founded by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912. According to the organization’s website, “She imagined a movement where all girls could come together and embrace their unique strengths and passions—and as Girl Scouts has done since, she made that dream a reality.”

The Girl Scout Cookie program made its debut in 1917 as a way to finance troop activities. Today, all the net revenue raised from the cookie program remains with local councils and troops.

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