Gwen Stefani Reacts to Fans Criticizing Her TikTok Fail: 'You're Right!'

“I love watching celebrities totally fail TikTok,” wrote one follower.

Gwen Stefani is many things, but she may have to draw the line at TikTok influencer.

This week, the No Doubt singer posted a video to her account showing her lip syncing to the song “Bubble Pop Electric” from her 2004 album “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.”

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While she looked great, she didn’t do quite as well a job actually lining up her lips with the music. Many fans wondered why she did such a poor job singing along to her own song.

“I love watching celebrities totally fail TikTok. Love Gwen shes amazing buuuuut,” wrote one fan in the comments, a comment which caught Stefani’s eye.

Reposting the message to her Instagram Story, Stefani agreed with the criticism.

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“Thank u for calling me out you’re right!!!” she wrote. “TickTock [sic] is not for me but help yourself to my music and enjoy!! Wait … am I a celebrity?”

The song — or, more specifically, its intro — has been re-popularized by the social media site, with a ton of users making videos similar to Gwen’s over the past couple months.

Maybe she should check some of those out for pointers going forward.

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