Gwyneth Paltrow‘s lifestyle advice isn’t always helpful to those not born into fame and wealth. Her $250 billion wellness brand, Goop, which also has a Netflix series and an online footprint far beyond its homepage, consistently promotes products and practices that are criticized as pseudoscientific. Despite her questionable advice, Paltrow’s philosophy of embracing aging might help some fans get more comfortable in their own skin. 

Gwyneth Paltrow’s self-help journey

Paltrow fights back at any notion that the Goop brand is damaging. According to Sunday World, when Magazine+ asked about the criticism of her site, which sells infamous jade eggs and strangely-scented candles, Paltrow claimed she doesn’t care. 

“If I got upset about people’s responses to whatever, it might pull me back from what we are trying to do in pushing these topics into culture,” the 49-year-old told the magazine. “I try to not pay too much attention to any of that and to really stay in my integrity and to move forward.”

While Paltrow’s pseudoscientific brand earns much of the criticism leveed at it, the actress has found a way to stay relevant. Now nearly 50 years old, Paltrow’s philosophy on aging remains a refreshing worldview in an often ageist world. 

Gwyneth Paltrow turns 50 years old on September 27, 2022

Despite the controversy surrounding her privilege, Paltrow is open about the scrutiny that comes with aging, especially for famous women. ET notes how comfortable she remains in her skin. When the actress turned 48, she posted a picture of her wearing nothing but her birthday suit on Instagram — much to the chagrin of her daughter, Apple. The Se7en star has now made the nude birthday posts a tradition. 

Paltrow will join her husband, Brad Falchuk, in the quinquagenarian club on her birthday, September 27, 2022. As she approaches a new decade, the actor deals with the natural aspects of aging by accepting them. 

“I just think that aging is a little bit easier if we take care of ourselves,” Paltrow said per Sunday World. “I really recommend staying hydrated, taking exercise, and staying away from processed foods. It’s also about how we feel internally… Another unfortunate part of ageing is that we get exhausted, our joints start to hurt, there’s hormonal fluctuations… the list goes on and on.”

Paltrow notes the same insecurities that many face with age despite her complicated legacy. She’s comfortable in sharing them and believes in accepting them while staying honest. While her path to 50 has certainly not been normal, anyone can embrace the aging process if their mind and body let them do so. When Paltrow turns 50 in September, she joins a group of memorable people entering their fifth decade.

The 2022 half-century club 

USA Today notes many high-profile actors, athletes, and public figures who are turning 50 in 2022. From Paltrow to her contemporaries Cameron Diaz and Amanda Peet to Ben Affleck, many who entered stardom as children and young adults are now the veterans of their crafts. All have different was of going about it. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shows age is just a number for someone as physically gifted as him. Rapper Common’s sage advice only gets more seasoned as he enters his fifth decade. Eminem, who helped define a brand of non-conformity in the late ’90s, is now an elder statesman of the hip hop world. 

Stars are not attainable standards. But even those who show questionable judgment still make good points from time to time, and Paltrow is no exception. Still, if one wants to take her words seriously, it’s also important to note that while celebrities often mean well, they can say things from a pedestal the average person can’t and won’t attain. 

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