HBO has officially released a look at its upcoming series Watchmen, and we must warn you that it’s pretty chilling. The new teaser opens with an unsettling shot of a group of men standing in front of a religious hieroglyph wearing inkblot masks akin to Rorschach’s famous veil. It then cuts to a series of clips showing law enforcement gathering at a funeral, slaughtered bodies at a carnival, and utter chaos. All the while, chants of “tick, tock” are heard in the background, because HBO didn’t want to give your blood pressure a break.

The series — inspired by Alan Moore’s 1986 postmodern comic book of the same name — is being helmed by Lost showrunner Damon Lindelof and will star Regina King and Tom Mison, among other talented actors. Unlike the 2009 film, HBO’s show will take place after the events of the comic and is set in a world where superheroes are treated as outlaws rather than comrades. By the looks of it, that doesn’t play out very well. Watch the newest teaser above, then catch up on all the details we have about the show so far!

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