She reunited with Brody Jenner … but he may have spent the night with someone else!

“I’m back in L.A., bitches!”

That’s what Kristin Cavallari proudly exclaimed as she made her return to “The Hills: New Beginnings” on Wednesday night, years after starring on both the original version of the show and its parent series, “Laguna Beach.”

Her return reunited her with old friends (and sometimes enemies), as well as ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner. But with Kristin enjoying the single life after her divorce from Jay Cutler, did she revisit any old flames?

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The episode began with Brody expressing his excitement for Kristin’s visit, as she was coming to town for a photoshoot for her Uncommon James clothing line. She, however, first met up with Audrina Patridge at her AirBNB for the week.

“Before my divorce, I’d come out for two days max, cram everything into 2 days. Now that I have my kids half the time, I have more time,” she told Patridge of her longer-than-usual trip. “The only good thing about a divorce.”

Talking to Audrina, who is also divorced, about her new life after splitting from Jay, Cavallari said she was feeling “really free” and “really happy, overall.” She added, “I’m actually doing really well. It’s such a heavy thing. it’s like, close that chapter and move on.”

She also confirmed she was dating again, saying it was both fun and weird “getting to know someone again” after being with Cutler for 10 years. “Me, adult Kristin is a whole different person,” she added.

With that, Audrina filled Kristin in on her “flirty” relationship with Brody Jenner, as well as the ongoing drama between Ashley Wahler and Heidi Montag, who bailed on the Wahlers’ pregnancy reveal after hearing Ashley was talking smack about her for getting drunk during a recent trip to San Diego.

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Cavallari eventually reunited with the entire cast at a party held at No Vacancy, where she was thrilled to see the old gang, who couldn’t stop telling her how amazing she looked. When Brody showed up, she exclaimed, “Brody Jenner! Good to see you,” before commenting on his long hair. “What’s happening?!”

“Kristin and I have had many wild nights together,” Jenner recalled in a confessional. “We were in our early 20s when we first met. A lot of our old memories were going out in Hollywood, turning up. So when I’m looking at her, I’m thinking, here I go, let’s party.”

And that they did. The entire gang started throwing back tequila, Kristin wound up in the middle of a Audrina-Heidi feud — telling them it was “stupid” — and made plans to hang out with Brody at the beach the next day. 10 hours later, Brody pulled up to the beach in an SUV — with Audrina hiding in the back seat, after seemingly spending the night together.

A preview for next week teased everyone asking Brody what went down between him and Audrina, while his ex-wife Kaitlynn Carter expressed frustration that neither one of them told her something was going on. It seems, for the most part, Kristin is staying above the drama.

“The Hills: New Beginnings” airs Wednesdays on MTV.

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