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You might decide to get on with work and other commitments to get them out the way as soon as possible. There will be something going on later that you won’t want to miss. Someone new will be welcomed on the work or social scene. A casual introduction will register more than is usual.


Family life may be a little unsettled but if you can relax and take each moment as it comes, you could find it quite enjoyable. Home improvement ideas will get the support of your housemates. Before you begin, clear out clutter and give yourself plenty of space to experiment.


In a recent meeting or interview you may have been able to pass yourself off as being more knowledgeable or experienced than you actually are. If you’re asked to do something you are unsure about today, be brave and say so. Absolute honesty is vital to command extra respect.


If someone seems a little downhearted or restless, it shouldn’t be hard to think of something positive to say that will make them more cheerful. You’ve always been able to sense other people’s moods and feelings and going out of your way to boost a partner or loved one’s spirits will mean a lot to them.


A task that is quite repetitive but that needs doing will take up a good deal of your time. Once this is over it will be understandable that you find yourself feeling a little restless. Instead of getting on with other routine chores, spend some time away from familiar surroundings.


It might be to your benefit to give a little time to looking back over the past six months. It could well be that you have achieved more than you expected you would when the year began. Time spent thinking about your progress so far and your goals for the future will be time well spent.


You’re happy to give your help to a community effort or new group project but be careful not to get too deeply involved too quickly. If some people start leaning on you too heavily, your own work and other relationships will become neglected. Know when to leave others to get on with things themselves.


A matter that has been causing you a lot of concern will be settled and it is unlikely you will have to go through similar circumstances ever again. Something needed to be said to someone but you have been too big-hearted to speak your mind. A tactful friend will have done this for you.


People you mix with are friends you can relax with and this means if you do happen to drop your guard and reveal too much of your personal thoughts, you can rest assured no one will spill any secrets. Reading an old journal will bring back some happy memories.


Jobs that need deep concentration will go better than you think. You won’t be disturbed as you had been imagining you would be so don’t put these off until another day. You’ve always been careful, cautious and practical and you won’t find it a problem to focus on your main responsibilities.


Your involvement in group activities has helped make a difference to others but all the effort is starting to take it out of you. Don’t feel guilty about putting a little time aside to treat yourself or to indulge in your favourite pastimes. Travel is also a strong possibility.


You’re more likely to get support for your plans when others see you as being positive and purposeful. Don’t keep telling yourself you can’t achieve a certain goal. Remember that your own attitude and mind-set can influence the success you enjoy in life. Show a more optimistic face to the world.

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