The way you approach a problem encountered in a work or group situation will be admired by those in high positions. Difficulties will be resolved soon. It might take a few days before everything is back to normal but this is a challenge that will be overcome and soon forgotten about.


Your romantic or business partner might admit to having financial problems. You need to be resourceful about future money decisions. Don’t let the comments of a friend or older relative blind your judgement. Are they telling the truth or could they be passing on an already exaggerated rumour?


Others will look to you to sort out some messy business. What’s annoying is that this problem could have been avoided. Someone needs to be reminded that a stitch in time can save nine and in future they should tackle problems as they occur instead of ignoring them as they have been doing.


Harmony escalates within a group situation. You will be surprised yet delighted to find yourself the centre of attention. Discussing favourite musicians, writers and filmmakers will cultivate bonds with various people in your community. If you have any worries about a partner’s activities, ask them what is going on.


Not having access to the dental or health care you need is causing you a big dilemma. You may not have the means to pay for private treatment. Give your support to a campaign that calls for change. Money is being made and this should be allocated to people who are on the margins.


You’re doing your best to be careful with money. Extra expenses or an unexpected bill will knock your carefully organised budget for six. If you are being charged for something you did not ask for or agree to, be certain to fight for your rights. Don’t pay up without querying the matter.


Things may not go your way today but this can change. Look at any challenges encountered as a way to prove you can be determined and you will find an alternative way to advance your interests. It is possible to turn a disappointing situation to your advantage.


Life is moving quickly. Whether working or unemployed, a short term training or study course will be a great way to add to your skills and knowledge. You may have to rearrange your routine to fit this in but it’s unlikely you will want to refuse a tempting offer.


You will be offered a starring role in a group effort. Teamwork brings out the best in you. The more applause and appreciation coming your way the more you will thrive and progress. Workmates and housemates will be approaching you for advice. You seem to be rarely on your own for long.

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A job offer you had not expected to receive could bring in some extra income but is this what you really want? The additional responsibilities this also brings will make you question whether the opportunity will be worth it. If you have any doubts, ask to sleep on it or talk it over with a trusted friend.


You will politely ignore a neighbour who is being too talkative or inquisitive. The reason you don’t want to upset them is because they have been kind to you in the past and although you don’t want to seem ungrateful, you would rather be left on your own now.


You need to achieve a certain aim in a certain amount of time and the way you are working towards it, you are likely to reach your goal. In addition to you being so determined, a senior colleague will be supportive when you have been expecting them to stand in your way.

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