MANY of us only shop at Marks and Spencer on special occasions due to its high end produce typically carrying premium price tags.

But you'd be surprised how many products are actually cheaper than budget supermarkets.

We conducted a weekly shop at M&S, Aldi and Lidl and found 14 basic items are as cheap – or even less – at M&S.

From milk and chicken to broccoli and spaghetti, we reveal why sometimes it pays to shop around.


M&S: £3.10 for 7 (44.3p per orange)

Lidl: £1.99 for 4 (49.8p per orange)


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5.5p cheaper than Lidl


M&S: 89p per kg 

Lidl: 89p per kg

Same price as Lidl

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Green beans

M&S green beans are 19p cheaper to buy than at Aldi

M&S: £1.10 for 200g

Aldi: £1.29 for 200g

19p cheaper than Aldi

20% fat beef mince, 500g

M&S: £2 

Aldi: £2.19

Lidl: £2.19

19p cheaper than Lidl and Aldi


M&S: £1.65 for 1kg

Lidl: 85p for 500g (£1.70 for kg)

5p cheaper than Lidl

Cheddar cheese

M&S: £3.75 for 550g (£6.82 per kg)

Aldi: £2.79 for 400g (£6.98 per kg)

Lidl: £2.79 for 400g (£6.98 per kg)

16p cheaper than Lidl and Aldi

Soup, 400g

M&S: 65p

Lidl: 85p

Aldi: 85p

20p cheaper than Lidl and Aldi


M&S: 75p

Lidl: 75p

Aldi: 75p

Same price as Lidl and Aldi

White potatoes, 1kg

M&S: 50p

Aldi: 50p

Same price as Aldi


M&S: 75p

Lidl: 95p

Aldi: 95p 

20p cheaper than Lidl and Aldi

Carrots, 1kg

M&S: 50p

Lidl: 50p

Aldi: 50p

Same as Lidl and Aldi

Chicken legs, 1kg

M&S: £2

Lidl: £2.09

Aldi: £2.09

9p cheaper than Lidl and Aldi

Chicken wings, 1kg

M&S: £1.87

Lidl: £1.92

Aldi: £1.99

12p cheaper than Aldi and 5p cheaper than Lidl


M&S: 72.6p per litre

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Aldi: 72.6p per litre 

Same as Aldi

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