DEAR DEIDRE: OUR baby is due this autumn but my partner has not been honest with me.

He is 31. After we met last year, he told me up he had a son from a previous relationship. That was OK but it’s not the whole truth.

His ex has two little girls. I’ve found out he calls them his stepkids and treats them like his own, though he split from their mum ages ago.

Each time we row, he goes back to his ex to discuss it with her. I’m 25 and thinking of walking away.

DEIDRE SAYS: It is a sign of a loving, responsible man that he has stayed close to those two little girls and still talks to their mum.

He was probably worried about how you would react, so tell him you can cope with that – but not with deceit, which damages trust.

Tell him he must now be open and honest with you and discuss disagreements with you, not with his ex. If he does, you will stay calm.

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