DEAR DEIDRE: I GAVE my colleague’s boyfriend oral sex at the work Christmas party when we were drunk.

Do I confess or move on and forget the whole thing?

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I’m 29. My colleague, her boyfriend and I spent most of the evening together, playing drinking games and dancing.

Later on, my workmate went outside for a cigarette and left me chatting with her partner.

We were both incredibly drunk and ended up snogging.

Worried people would see us, we snuck into one of the offices, where I ended up giving him oral sex.

When I woke up the next day, I felt sick. What sort of person does that?

The guilt is eating me up, and I want to tell my friend the truth. But would that just make things worse?

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DEIDRE SAYS: I tend to say that honesty is the best policy – these things do tend to come out in the end. But sometimes telling the truth can cause a lot more pain than keeping quiet.

If you confess, you may finish their relationship. You and her partner know it was a drunken mistake and aren’t looking to repeat it.

Put it down to a bad experience and move on.

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