A BRAVE soul living in a house surrounded by the dead says he never wants to move.

Former gravedigger Marc Cox has lived alone in a graveyard for 23-years.

Incredibly the 54-year-old Gulf War veteran says he loves his home and even finds "comfort" being around coffins.

He said: "People ask me how I can live here – but I always say 'what do you mean? People are dying to come here!"

The divorcee – who has lived in Witton cemetery, Birmingham, since 1999 – says it's the isolation and peacefulness that does it for him.

"I've been to war, I’m scared of the living, not the dead", he told BirminghamLive.

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But life in a cemetery hasn't been without its surprises – as he revealed he's been "scared stiff" by the 'Grey Girl'.

Marc says the ghost of a young girl, with long black hair over her face and donning grey clothes, has stared at him through his back window.

It never bothered him until a group of mourners asked who the little girl was that "always" stands in the window of his home.

"I’ve been to war but nothing has scared me stiff like that", Marc shivered.

And he even says he's named another ghost 'Amy', who the veteran says looks after him.

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Marc adds how him and his kids had hours of fun growing up as he clowned about in the graveyard pretending to be the Addams Family.

But he admits kids don't go anywhere near the house at Halloween, so he scoffs the treats himself.

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