DEAR DEIDRE: MY friend of 30 years is furious with me because I won’t provide her with a cheap loan.

I inherited some money and since then my friend keeps asking me to lend to her so she can expand her property business.

I’m 71 and my friend is 65.

I agreed to her first request for £51,000 on the condition she paid it back over a four-year period.

She hadn’t even cleared half that repayment before putting me on the spot over dinner with her husband and asking for another £22,000 on top!

She and her husband both have decent jobs, but I’m retired and widowed and have finite funds.

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She keeps cancelling plans since I said no.

How can I be sure she will pay me back now?


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DEIDRE SAYS: Don’t let your friend guilt-trip you into lending her more money.

It’s never a good idea to lend money to friends or family that you can’t afford to lose.

If she stalls on repaying the existing loan, talk to Citizens Advice (

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