I might finally get to lose my virginity to a hot older woman…but I’m worried I’m too small – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: AN older woman at work touched me suggestively but I’m afraid to ask her if she’d like to get physical as I’m so small down below.

There are ten of us at my workplace packing medical supplies so we are classed as key workers. I am 34 and the only man beside the manager.

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We all get on well though this older woman and I are the only ones who are single. She is 45.

I stumbled at work and accidentally touched this woman’s boobs.

I apologised but she laughed and said, “Naughty boy,” smacking my bum lightly.

She’s been flirty ever since.

I’d like to take her up on it but because I’m small I’m still a virgin.

DEIDRE SAYS: Social distancing should keep you apart for now but your best chance of this working out is if you focus on getting to know her as a person, developing a real friendship and warmth.

She sounds interested but she’ll hate feeling used just to give you experience.

If you grow close in time you can develop enough trust in one another to explore sex.

Your penis size doesn’t have to be an issue.

My e-leaflet Manhood Too Small? explains more.

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