I LOVE a McDonald's as much as the next person but it can be pretty pricey these days, especially if you're buying for a family.

That's why when Aldi released its latest Maccies dupe a few weeks ago I knew it was time to give them a go and see if I could save cash whilst still getting the same delicious taste.

The discounter has its own versions of all your McDonald's favourites, including its Big Stack (Big Mac), Chicken Stack (Chicken Big Mac), hash browns, chicken nuggets (McNuggets) and Crispy Chicken Strips (Chicken Selects).

The latest dupe to hit the shelves is its own version of McDonald's iconic fries.

Each of the Aldi frozen fakeaway choices comes with a pretty low price tag, with the fries alone 40% cheaper than the real thing.

I decided to put the dupes to the test and tried each item, rating them out of 10 for taste and how similar they were to Maccies items.


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Big Stack – 5/10

The Big Mac burger is one of the most popular permanent fixtures on the McDonald's menu.

As everyone knows, the sauce is a key component and is pretty hard to replicate so I was keen to see how Aldi's version faired when compared.

I was initially put off when I saw that the instructions on the box said to cook the patties in a microwave.

It's a bit of a faff to assemble, defrosting the sachet of sauce and cheese slice, as well as toasting the buns under the grill.

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Once that was done though and the patties had had their one minute 30 seconds in the microwave, I built my burger in two minutes and tucked in.

The taste was pleasant enough, but not like a Big Mac – more like a standard microwave burger, a bit like a Rustlers but with thinner patties.

I didn't enjoy the sauce as much as I had hoped I would but it was flavourful at least.

Considering the buns had been frozen, it was pretty good, made better by a couple of minutes under the grill.

The Big Stack costs £1.79, compared to the £4.70 price of a Big Mac on its own at my local restaurant.

Of course, prices will vary depending on the way you order and the location.

Chicken Stack – 4/10

Like everyone else, I was eager to give the Chicken Big Mac a go when it made its debut on UK menus last year.

It has returned since but only for a six-week period, making it a sought after fan-favourite whenever it returns.

Aldi's version didn't do much for me, the chicken patties were soggy and slightly wrinkled from the microwave and didn't have the same crispy texture as the Maccies burger.

It's a pleasant enough burger and ideal for someone in a rush but not as a McDonald's fix.

I didn't care much for the burger sauce and cheese with the chicken either, but I feel that way about the real thing too.

The burger texture could possibly have been improved if it had been cooked in an air fryer to make it more crispy.

Last time the chicken Big Mac cost £4.09 on its own, whereas Aldi's version would only set you back £1.79.

Chicken Strips – 9/10

The chicken strips were the winning item for me.

Chicken Selects are my go-to meal from McDonald's so I definitely didn't expect to like these as much as I did.

The spices were spot on, and nearly identical to the real thing – even the texture was pretty close.

After being cooked in the oven as per the instructions they weren't quite as crispy as Selects, but similarly to the Chicken Stack, they could have been improved in an air fryer.

The only slight issue for me was that the BBQ sauce wasn't the same as the smoky BBQ dip that comes with selects and I preferred them without.

They were quite large as well, with four in a pack they'd be a good alternative to Maccies' £5.89 five-piece box.

Aldi's strips come with either sweet chilli sauce or BBQ sauce and cost £2.59.

Chicken nuggets – 2/10

Aldi's chicken nuggets were the lowest-scoring item out of my feast.

I found them to be pretty dry and too firm to replicate the usual taste or texture of McNuggets.

Also, one of the best features of the real item is their flavour, I didn't find the nuggets to have much taste at all.

Even with the sweet chilli and BBQ sauce that came with them, they weren't great.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, they may have been improved if they'd been cooked in an air fryer rather than an oven to give them a crispy coating.

Nevertheless the nuggets are a bargain at £1.99 for 12.

A box of nine McNuggets costs £5.29 at my local Maccies so this is a considerable price drop.

French Fries – 7/10

As the newest addition to Aldi's McDonald's dupes selection, I haven't heard much about the french fries yet.

Chips can be tricky to replicate at home, particularly in the oven but these did pretty well despite this – but were a tad soggy.

I did enjoy that the box came with two little cardboard pouches, just to give diners that McDonald's feel.

Each box comes with two servings and they're pretty generous portions, similar to a medium size at Maccies.

They would have been a bit more enjoyable if they were more firm and crispy but they tasted pretty similar to the real thing.

It costs £1.49 for a pack of two, whereas at McDonald's medium fries cost £1.29, so that's a saving of 99p for one pack of fries.

Hash browns – 8/10

The McDonald's hash brown is a fan favourite amongst lovers of the breakfast menu.

Whether you buy one on its own or on the side of McMuffin, they're delicious morning food.

Aldi's version is pretty close to the Maccies equivalent, and I was impressed with the size of each potato snack.

Plus, they'd work well with a sausage patty and English muffin if you wanted to go all the way and create your own McMuffin.

I was pleasantly surprised that the snack came out of the oven as crispy as it did, and they tasted just as good as the real deal.

You can get a huge box of 10 for just £1.89 – whereas at McDonald's they cost £1.49 for just one on its own.

In total, you could save a whopping £11 by buying the above items at Aldi instead of their McDonald's equivalent, plus you'd get more bang for your buck too.

You can buy the entire Aldi dupe range in all stores – you'll find your local using the locator tool on its website.

Of course, the price of McDonald's items differs from location to location so savings would differ too.

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Meanwhile, shoppers can't get enough of another Aldi dupe that supposedly tastes just like a McDonald's chicken burger.

Plus, the discount supermarket also has its own version of the now axed potato waffles from Maccies too.

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