I was homeless at 14 when my family had to leave our rented flat in Bournemouth, Dorset.

The landlord asked us to move out, but as we didn't have the high deposit for a new place, we had to declare ourselves homeless.

I felt embarrassed, and didn't tell anyone. Knowing you don't have a home, and having no control over that and living with strangers, makes you feel really anxious.

I've never felt so vulnerable. We were placed in a B&B being used as a hostel for the homeless by the council, for six months.

When people asked, I said we had moved into my uncle's hotel.

Some of the people who came in the hostel were involved with drugs and drink, and that scared me.

My sister and I wouldn't go anywhere on our own.

The worst moment was when another homeless man staying in the hostel tried to commit suicide.

We'd got to know him and he was nice. Then we were in bed one night, and heard sirens and saw flashing lights. We never saw him again.

My mum and step-dad slept in twin beds, and my sister and I were in bunk beds – all in the same room.

We shared an en suite.

There was no privacy. There was no room for our stuff. I just had a bag of clothes. There was one microwave and we ate ready meals on our beds.

I think partly because eating was difficult, and because I was so anxious, I developed an eating disorder and lost weight.

It was a struggle to relax. You'd hear people arguing.

Some of the families with young children were very nice, but everyone was in a stressful situation.

I used to stay out at friends' houses, after school clubs or the library – anywhere rather than be there.

I couldn't do homework in the room very easily, so late at night when it was quieter me and my sister would go to the dining room to do it.

Sometimes I would be still be doing it at 4am. I'm so happy I'm not there anymore. I have only just started telling people what happened to me.

Although I know a little bit about being homeless, I can't imagine what it is like for a young person to be alone and sleeping rough.

No one should ever have to find themselves in that situation.

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