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The right haircut can take years off a woman’s face, while the wrong one can age them prematurely. Hair expert Nicole Petty from Milk + Blush spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the haircut mature women should steer clear of or risk looking “disjointed” and “unbalanced”.

Nicole urged mature ladies to avoid the “Karen haircut” on their next trip to the salon if they want to look younger.

She said: “The subject of countless memes, the ‘Karen haircut’ is famous for all the wrong reasons.

“The haircut is an inverted bob which is longer in the front than the back, generally featuring a longer side-swept fringe with short spiky pieces behind the crown.”

Nicole explained that while this haircut has a bad reputation in popular culture, this negative perception might be well deserved.

She said: “Not only is it thought to belong to middle-aged women who are known to complain, but it can be incredibly ageing as it’s disjointed and unbalances the face.”

Avoiding the “Karen” haircut does not mean avoiding short hair altogether. In fact, there are plenty of shorter styles that frame the face expertly and are wonderfully anti-ageing.

“Instead, get a pixie cut to accentuate facial features, remove weightiness from thick hair and add texture and fullness to fine or thinning hair.”

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She continued: “Your hair stylist will advise which cut will look best based on your face shape.

“Oval and heart-shaped faces will look best with longer layers and short bangs to add length and dimension to the face shape, whereas square faces will look better with longer, wispier bangs and light layers to soften angular features.

“Diamond-shaped faces look fabulous with longer pixies and bangs that sit flatter to the head, as this balances out the length of the face.

“And round faces suit cuts with plenty of volume at the crown of the head to narrow and elongate it.”

Those who don’t want to go too short could also experiment with a chic bob, according to the expert.

She stated: “Follow in the footsteps of celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Holly Willoughby by opting for a sharp, short bob.

“While it may be daunting to make the chop, opting for a cut that falls at the same level as your cheek or jawbones gives you extra definition and will smooth out any harsh angles or lines that can make you look older.”

For those who find going for a big chop too daunting, Nicole suggested a blunt full-fringe, which works for long, short and mid-length hairstyles alike.

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This hair feature is not only super trendy and chic, it can conceal the inevitable forehead wrinkles that come with age.

She advised: “For those with long or oval face shapes, why not try out a full fringe?

“Ask for a slightly curved blunt fringe to frame your face, hide any forehead wrinkles and lift and contour your face.

“However, stay away from the inverted bob (AKA the Karen) or a blunt bob with no body if you’ve got a full fringe, as it can put extra emphasis on creases around the eyes and jaw.”

Nicole Petty is a hair expert at extensions brand Milk + Blush.

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