Twins Michael and Mark Taylor-Reid were inseparable as children.

And even as adults they’ve always matched each other – both marrying receptionists and even living on the same street.

But now they’ve beaten 1,000-to-one odds to become dads for the first time – on the SAME day.

Only three hours separate cousins Kane and Mia. And Mia’s dad Michael, 28, reckons their first-borns will grow up together having just as strong a bond as he and Mark have had.

“Sharing the same birthday and with us spending so much time together, I hope they might be more like brother and sister,” he said.

They had been due a week apart – and Ladbrokes says it would have offered odds of 1,000 to one on the twin’s feat.

Twin Mark said: “We obviously knew there was a possibility they could be born on the same day when we found out the due dates were so close, but we never thought it would actually happen.

“It’s been amazing to share something so special.” Michael’s partner of eight years Becca Wright, 27, was the first to go into labour when her waters broke at midday on March 21 – a week before her March 28 due date.

Then the following day at 10am Mark’s girlfriend Leah Barrass, 22, also began to have contractions.

Becca was rushed to the University Hospital of North Durham where she needed specialist care because she suffers from autoimmune disease lupus.

Leah was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. The twins, of Consett, Co Durham, were pretty much permanently on the phone to each other.

Mark, who installs fire protection on buildings, said: “Michael and I were constantly in touch while we were at hospital. We were comparing the printouts of the baby monitor readings, but didn’t have a clue what we were talking about.”

He joked: “Leah had an epidural and was completely out of it, so Michael and I were taking the gas and air and phoning each other.

“The last time was about half an hour before Kane arrived. Then I phoned him a couple of minutes after Kane was born. I wanted Michael to be first to know.”

Kane arrived at 3.20am on March 23 weighing 7lb 5oz, followed by 6lb 8oz cousin Mia at 6.36am.

Mark said: “We knew we were having a baby boy, but Michael and Becca had decided not to find out the sex. When Mia arrived he messaged me straight away.

"He was too emotional to speak. I went to visit them in hospital the next day while Leah and Kane were still at Newcastle. It was so special to be sharing this moment of becoming dads. I think it will make us even closer.

“Now we’re texting each other every day asking for advice.

“He’s doing everything by the book. I’m definitely winging it a bit more.”

Production manager Michael said: “Growing up, Mark and I always had each other’s back and it’s a nice feeling to know Kane and Mia will grow up together too.

"They still don’t do much apart from sleep, but when they’ve been together they’ve stared at each other with wonder. Now they are both here safely, we are over the moon.”

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes told us: “We’ve seen some unique stories over the years and this one is right up there.

“Call it coincidence or perfect timing from the brothers, but their two newborns are each one half of a 1000/1 shot.”

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