Marilyn Cole, now 72, became the first ever model to appear fully nude in Playboy magazine in 1972, at the age of 21.

The model could earn more than 300 times her weekly wage for a single sexy show, she has revealed.

Speaking to Fox, the pin-up divulged she got paid a whopping $5,000 (£3,800) for one nude photo, which translates to approximately £25,000 in today's money.

Previously, she had worked as a bunny in the Playboy restaurant in London, earning just $15 (£11) per week.

She grabbed the opportunity to travel to Chicago where she met Hugh Hefner and stayed at the world famous mansion.

Who is Marilyn Cole?

Marilyn Cole is a former Playboy bunny and model from Portsmouth.

Speaking of her upbringing, she explained to the Express: "There was discipline at home, good manners, definitely no swearing."

She had two sisters, and they all went into grammar school – but after that they went separate ways in life.

Her sisters went off to get married, but Marilyn decided to go a different direction.

At 16 she tried out various clerical jobs, including at the Ministry of Defence, Lloyds Bank and the Co-op fuel office.

However, she quickly decided that wasn't the life for her as she enjoyed nights out at the local jazz clubs wearing full on make-up, false eyelashes and long black hairpieces”.

She took on a job as a waitress and saved up her tips to buy fabulous outfits and accessories.

Becoming a Playboy Bunny

A friend who had recently moved to London told her about the Playboy Club, and suggested she apply for a job.

Marilyn sent them an application and was invited for an interview. She was invited to London and told to bring a bikini.

She got the job and moved to London where she was presented a "Bunny manual" which was "very regimented, with lots of rules, like the army".

She worked at the London Playboy Club from 1971 to 1974.

During that time she became close with Victor Lownes, a wealthy American who was the mastermind behind the Playboy clubs.

He thought Marilyn could be Playmate of the Month for Hugh Hefner's Playboy Magazine. She was then chosen for Playboy's first full-frontal nude.

She was whisked off to the Playboy mansion and was treated to dinner, which consisted of fried chicken in bed with Hefner.

The shoot itself was a gruelling undertaking due to the Chicago heat, Marilyn later revealed in podcast Power: Hugh Hefner.

Her centrefold, which featured a shot of her standing in front of shelves full of antique books, sold seven million copies.

In 1973 she was named Playmate of the Year. She is still the only Brit ever to hold the title.

Marilyn's relationships

Marilyn went on to marry Victor, the executive who had selected her, who was 21 years older than her.

They met in 1971 when he chose her out of a line-up of trainee bunnies.

Victor, who was famous for being the highest paid executive in Britain, later said: "Her days as a bunny were numbered" – because he wanted her for himself.

Marilyn later said about meeting the boss: "I started dating Victor and he was very cool. He didn't ask me out until 10 months after we first met."

They started dating, while also seeing other people. Marilyn had a brief fling with Hugh Hefner himself.

They finally got married in 1984. The couple remained together until he died in 2017 aged 88. He left his entire £460,665 fortune to his wife.

Where is Marilyn now?

Marilyn now works as a journalist, writing about various subjects including boxing.

Her first assignment to cover boxing was Jacqui Frazier's professional debut, in February 2000.

Speaking about boxing in The Guardian, she wrote: "I never cease to be fascinated by what it takes for a champion fighter to achieve his supremacy.

"This is what lies at the core of my love for boxing: not just the excitement of being at the fights, but also learning about the remarkable journeys these athletes take to achieve their goals and the people who journey with them."

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