Jay Leno was injured in a motorcycle accident last week that left him with multiple broken bones, coming two months after he was seriously burned in a gas fire in his L.A. garage, according to a report.

The former “Tonight Show” host, in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, said he was knocked off his motorcycle Jan. 17 in an accident. He broke a collarbone and two ribs and cracked both of his kneecaps, per the report.

“But I’m OK!” Leno told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I’m OK, I’m working. I’m working this weekend.”

Leno told the newspaper he was working on a vintage motorcycle and testing it out when he noticed the smell of leaking gas. “So I turned down a side street and cut through a parking lot, and unbeknownst to me, some guy had a wire strung across the parking lot but with no flag hanging from it,” he said. “So, you know, I didn’t see it until it was too late. It just clothesline[d] me and, boom, knocked me off the bike.”

In November, Leno suffered “serious burns” after a vintage 1907 steam engine car he was working on in his Burbank garage caught fire. He said in a statement to Variety at the time, “I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire. I am OK. Just need a week or two to get back on my feet.” Leno had “deep second degree and third degree burns” from the accident that required skin graft surgeries to his face, chest and hands.

Leno, who exited NBC’s “The Tonight Show” in 2009, launched CNBC series “Jay Leno’s Garage” in 2015. The show has run for a total of seven seasons, wrapping its seventh season at the end of October 2022. In 2021, Leno also became the new host of the “You Bet Your Life” revival.

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