Angelina Pivarnick’s fans had to do a double take after the ‘Jersey Shore’ star posted an Instagram snapshot of herself which they almost mistook for Kim Kardashian.

Angelina Pivarnick, 33, was Kim Kardashian’s doppelgänger in the latest Instagram photo she shared on May 11. The MTV star posted a stunning selfie on social media which made fans confuse the Jersey Shore beauty with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians A-lister. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Angelina to see how she felt about being compared with Kim K and she said, “I never tried to look like her. But I guess my look is like hers lol. I think Kim is beautiful so anyone saying this about me I take it as a compliment to the fullest. Thanks to everyone that says I look like her.”

“I’ve always called myself the ‘Kim Kardashian of Staten Island.’ Even back when I first got on [Jersey Shore] in 2009,” Angelina continued. “I definitely have the black hair, dark eyes, very exotic look to myself. I know how to do my makeup and my hair much better now, and being a makeup artist helps a lot, too lol. Plus my eyelashes called Lashelina are amazing and definitely helps me get that very glamorous look. It took me a long time to find the perfect lashes that fit me and that’s why I made a lash line that I knew everyone would love. The feedback has been great about Lashelina which I’m ecstatic about.” Angelina revealed that she’s always been compared to a KarJenner and admitted, “A lot of people also sometimes say I look like Kylie [Jenner]. Depends on the day and the look.”

With the same raven-colored tresses swooped up into a high ponytail (a hairdo that Kim has also been known to rock), high cheekbones and big eyes, Angelina could’ve easily passed as Kim’s twin. “Legit thought this was kim k,” one fan wrote, while others had similar thoughts with comments like “Kim K vibessssss” and “You really are the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island, you look so much like her here!”

The reality star created the glamorous look by herself which took an hour to achieve. She explained, “I learned from years of doing my makeup for TV and I really know how to make my features pop now at my age. I’ve got to also say shout out to my doctor, Dr. John Paul Tutela because he also helps me maintain my pout and my flawless skin look. He’s the best in the Tri-state area and the only one I trust with my face now. He’s awesome.”

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