Love a bit of Dawson’s Creek nostalgia and enjoy a true crime drama? Well Joshua Jackson’s new series, Dr. Death, is especially for you.

Let’s be honest: we still know and love Joshua Jackson mostly for his role as Pacey in iconic 90s teen drama Dawson’s Creek. Even his wife Jodie Turner-Smith revealed Jackson was her teenage TV crush. 

Since then, he’s continued to take on a string of roles in brilliant shows. In Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us, Jackson plays the lawyer representing a Black adolescent wrongfully accused of a brutal rape. 

He also starred opposite Reese Witherspoon as her onscreen husband, Bill, in Amazon’s highly-acclaimed adaptation of Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere.

Oh and let’s not forget his big turn as Cole Lockhart in Golden Globe Award-winning series The Affair.

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But Jackson’s next role is set to be his biggest yet.

As reported by TV Line this week, Jackson will play Dr. Death in a new TV adaptation of a popular true-crime podcast series. Jamie Dornan was originally lined up to play the titular rule, but a spokesperson for Peacock – the streaming service that will air the show – the pandemic means that Dornan “is no longer professionally available to participate in the production”.

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What is Dr. Death about?

Dr. Death is based on Wondery’s 2018 true-crime podcast of the same name about Texas-based surgeon Christopher Duntsch (Jackson). Dutch is a charismatic and brilliant doctor with a flourishing neurosurgery practice. But everything starts to change when patients enter his operating room for complex but routine spinal surgeries and are left permanently maimed or dead. As victims pile up, two fellow doctors, neurosurgeon Robert Henderson and vascular surgeon Randall Kirby set out to stop him.

What happened to Dr.Death in real life?

Duntsch was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2017 for permanently paralysing a patient. 

Who stars in Dr. Death?

Jackson joins a cast that includes Alec Baldwin as Dr. Robert Henderson and Christian Slater as Dr. Randall Kirby. 

When will Dr. Death be released?

Filming for the series is set to start later this year, with the intention of releasing it in 2021. However, it’s possible that the pandemic could delay this. The series will be aired in America on a new streaming service called Peacock. Although there are no details on the UK release yet, we’ll keep you updated with any further news – because this one is definitely going to be a series we all want to binge.

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