Jupiter's Ganymede moon can be heard from Juno spacecraft

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Jupiter moving into Pisces is perhaps the most transformative transit of 2022. The planet is finally stepping out of its antagonistic Aquarian approach and moving us forward into a place beyond our rights and wrongdoings where the focus is love and connection. Be warned, this can come with a splash of delusion, misinformation and pretending. But ultimately Jupiter is fuelling our imagination and softening our hearts. With Jupiter, what we give is what we get, so the more generous, kind, forgiving and sympathetic we are while Jupiter is in Pisces, the more we activate his abundance. What does this mean for you? Express.co.uk chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to reveal YOUR sign’s focus (check your Rising and Sun sign) while Jupiter is in Pisces.


Jupiter, the guardian angel, is now in your 12th house of the unconscious, dreams, secrets and emotions.

Francesca said: “Aries, you can trust your intuition more than ever with Jupiter in the twelfth.

“Listen to your gut instinct, take time for yourself, slow down and process what is going on for you.

“Make sure you’re doing this through your feelings instead of reacting immediately to triggers or being fired up.

“This time is about tuning in and knowing that you have a guardian angel on your shoulder.”


Jupiter is in your 11th house of friends, society, colleagues and social circles.

Francesca said: “This is a lovely time for you, Taurus. You’ll be expanding your community, network and reach.

“You can branch out, meet new people and feel blessed by those around you over the next few months.”


Gemini, Jupiter is in your career zone in your 10th house.

Francesca said: “You can reach out to more people, you’re generous with your work and you bring people in.

“You can teach, show, and preach, get more publicity and reach the world on a broader scale.

“You’ll be advocating for others and perhaps doing some kind of healing.

“Also, this is the axis of home and family so where you bloom professionally is partly the result of how well-nourished you are at home.”


Jupiter is in your ninth house of travel, philosophy, beliefs, ideals and wisdom, Cancer.

Francesca said: “This means your focus is learning, studying, and travelling while Jupiter is in Pisces.

“Maybe you’re searching for the meaning of life, asking more questions than usual, and wanting to understand the world around you.

“It’s a great opportunity to travel, branch out, and reach new people.

“Just remember, wherever you go, make sure you’re spreading joy, kindness and love.”


Jupiter is in your eighth house of death, sex, transformation and other people’s money.

Francesca said: “You’re having a great time with your investments, intimacy, anything deep and transformative.

“Your intuition is on the up, so it’s a great time for looking at investments and doing some speculating (especially with Mars in your fifth right now). You may also receive an inheritance.”

On top of the financial bonuses, you’re doing some spiritual healing right now.

Francesca added: “You are expanding your occult abilities or psychic abilities (if you’re interested in that).

“Jupiter in the eighth can indicate a time of spiritual regeneration – particularly in April.

“April will be a great time for you to revisit spiritual inclinations, go on a yoga retreat, or spend time in nature.”


Jupiter is in your seventh house, Virgo, so you’re focused on all sorts of partnerships including marriage.

Jupiter is here to bless any relationships or partnerships you’re involved in.

You’re probably going to be feeling very sociable and loving and wanting to get more intimate with people.

Francesca added: “You may also need another person’s assistance a little bit more so it’s a good time to call in a professional.”


Jupiter in your sixth house of health, work and everyday life, Libra.

Francesca said: “You’re going to do loads of work, basically and it’s a great time for your health because Jupiter offers vitality.

“It’s the perfect opportunity to step into ordering and structuring your life to make yourself the most vital and potent that will facilitate you meeting new people when Jupiter enters Aries in the summer.”


Jupiter is in your fifth house of creativity, children and expression.

Francesca said: “Your creative self-expression is as never before, Scorpio.

“If you have children, you’ll improve your relationship with them.

“Your creativity is boosted and love, fun, romance and freedom are the focus.”


Sagittarius, Jupiter is in your fourth house of home and family.

Francesca said: “You might be feeling insecure and watching films in your bed, but that’s okay.

“Jupiter is supporting your domestic life – during this period a domestic problem will be cleared up, usually because something new comes to light.

“You feel generous and open to your family and they’ll be able to help you.

“Your focus is your home and family and injecting life into both.

“You might feel like making your surroundings more pleasing to you so you feel more joy and more able to rest, this will then be a springboard that will allow you to move forward.”


Jupiter is in the third house for you Capricorn, so the focus is on your communication and relationship with your siblings.

Francesca said: “You’ll be hanging out with family and having a great time.

“You may be doing a bit of travel here, there and everywhere but maybe just small journeys.

“Lots of writing, communication, studying is on the horizon – what do you want to know and research?”


Jupiter is in your second house of possessions and money, Aquarius.

Francesca said: “This period of time is going to be all about money and gaining wealth.

“Look at your goals honestly, managing the material world will give great value and promote understanding

“Working on your money mindset would be a great thing to do.”


Jupiter is in your first house of self, physical body and appearance, and it’s the beginning of a major cycle for you Pisces.

Francesca said: “You’ll be learning and gaining experience and the spiritual dimension of your life should be greater now.

“It’s quite fortunate on personal terms and your relationships with others should be at your advantage.

“It’s a great time of newness, putting yourself out there. You should feel great, very buoyant and upbeat.”

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