“The Masked Talent,” a new format from Korea’s MBC, creators of global hit “The Masked Singer,” is currently in production.

Unlike the celebrity-driven “The Masked Singer” and spin-off “The Masked Dancer,” where the focus is on who is behind the mask, “The Masked Talent” is a non-celebrity masked audition format concentrating on singing skills and talents. Two episodes, to be broadcast on the MBC channel during the Chuseok Korean Thanksgiving holidays, invites the audience to participate.

“The purpose of the show is to present the audience with the unique experience to become the masked hero and perform their showmanship,” said Park Jeong-Kyu, chief producer of “The Masked Singer” and “The Masked Talent.” “With prejudice and bias out of the way, the contestants will be judged solely by their genuine voice and talent.”

The show was co-developed by MBC and France’s Herve Hubert, the production house for the French “Mask Singer,” both seasons of which were successes on TF1.

“The Masked Singer” is now licensed to 54 countries worldwide.

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