KUWTK Recap: Explosive Kendall & Kylie Fight — "You Put Your Heel Into My F–king Neck!"

Kendall also claims Kris’ boyfriend Corey shouted “F–k you” at her during the blowout.

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(NOTE: The below was not actually written by North West.)

The episode started with Khloe visiting Kim and Kris at a KKW Beauty photoshoot for their fragrance. Khloe asked Kris if she watched the now-infamous fight between Kim and Kourtney that aired back in March. She said she did and it made her cry because, at 39 and 40 years of age, Kim and Kourtney were being physical with each other.

Kris was in Paris when the fight originally happened, so she didn’t know how intense it was until she saw it on air. Watching her daughters fight was really hard for her. Kris was worried about Kourtney and suggested that Kim and Khloe talk to her. In turn, Kim said that it was better that Kris called Kourtney and offered support.

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Kris tearfully called Kourtney to tell her she saw the fight, she felt bad and that she was available if Kourtney needed to talk. Kourtney began to cry and thanked Kris. She said that she was fine and that she just felt ganged up on. Khloe said that she and Kourtney were working on their relationship, but when the episode aired everything they had resolved came back up again. She wanted to Kourtney to feel loved and valued.

North West: Auntie Kourtney loves playing the victim. She’s lucky we didn’t press charges for the assault on mommy. If Kris feels so bad, she can go be POOSH’s manager. Good luck getting 10% of zero.

Kris said she is a firm believer that if there’s a problem or tension in the family, they need to get together and have some quality time. It was time for the family to go to Palm Springs and have a good time.

NW: The Palm Springs break up home came in handy for other reasons.

Kendall, Kris and Corey visited the Ferrari car dealership. All three were getting customized Ferraris. While at the dealership, Kris was trying to convince Kendall to go to Palm Springs with the family. Kendall was unsure if she was going because it seemed like a lot of people. After a little more convincing from Kris, Kendall agreed to go. Corey admitted he wasn’t that close with Kendall, but she if ever needed him, he’d be there. He was looking forward to spending time with her in Palm Springs.

NW: Corey is literally the same age as all of us. If we need anything we’ll call a real adult and not Corey.

In Palm Springs, Kris disinfected the entire house while she was waiting for the family to arrive. She was nervous about coronavirus so she was doing everything she could to be safe. Everyone started to arrive, but Kylie. Kris assumed Kylie was coming, but also wasn’t sure because she hadn’t talked to her.

Later at dinner, the family was wondering if Kylie was coming to Palm Springs. No one could get a hold of her, but they noticed she was posting a lot on social media. Kendall said that Kylie often missed out on a lot of family trips, which was sad. Kendall didn’t spend a lot of time with Kylie, so the family trips are her chance to reconnect with her.

NW: Siblings are so overrated. I don’t know why auntie Kendall is so worried about spending time with auntie Kylie. Trust me, you’re not missing out on anything. She sold some lip kits and sunscreen … there, you’re all caught up.

After dinner the family played a game. During the game Coey decided to be quiet because his words also get misconstrued amongst this family. He didn’t want Kris to have to stress over him, because she had enough to worry about.

One of the questions that came up in the game was, “What age was Kendall when she had her first kiss?.” Mason said, “12, but it was in a shower. That’s what I know.” Kendall confirmed that Mason was correct. Kourtney stepped away from the game to feed Reign, but the family called her back to play. Kourtney insisted she had been present, but she just got up to help her son. She was at a point where she tried not to take things personally and she was going to control her reactions so she didn’t get into an argument.

NW: Mason doesn’t miss an opportunity to spill tea. That’s why I keep him out of my business. He’s worse than Wendy Williams.

The next day, the family just hung around the house. Some of them were poolside, while Scott played with the kids inside. While playing, Scott accidentally broke Kris’ lamp. Scott got the kids to help him clean up the mess and he decided they weren’t going to tell Kris.

Kylie was busy in LA and had a friend’s birthday party the night before, but she arrived in Palm Springs in the morning at 7am. Corey was excited to see her because they were really close. Kris was also happy that she was able to come.

Since it was their last night in Palm Springs, Khloe decided that the sisters should all go out, have harmless fun and make memories. Kourtney wasn’t too excited about going out, but she was excited for sister time. She said she was in a place in her life where she’s not going out all the time or drinking. She usually just likes to be at the house and play games, but she thought going out is how Khloe feels connected to the sisters and decided to join.

NW: Oh she’s such a martyr. Thank you so much for sacrificing a night of playing solitaire on your iPad to go out with your family for one night.

Back in the house, Kris noticed that her very expensive, vintage lamp was missing. Kris started asking her family and the staff about the lamp, but no one had seen it. Kris was starting to get really mad when no one would fess up to the lamp. The more she looked for the lamp, the more she saw that the house was a mess. She asked Scott about the lamp, but he insisted that he’d never seen it. Kris was determined to get to the bottom of “lamp-gate.”

NW: Just so Kris knows, I would never steal her raggedy lamp. It’s tacky and I have lip liners that are worth more.

Mason and Scott had plans in LA the next day, so they were leaving Palm Springs that evening, which worked perfectly because Kris was on a rampage about the lamp. Mason told Scott that if he just told Kris about the lamp, he’d be a good person. Mason said that if he didn’t tell Kris the truth, she’d never trust him again. It was clear to Scott that he had raised his kids better than he thought. Scott decided to tell Kris the truth.

NW: Mason being Scott’s therapist is going to save Scott a lot of money since the show is cancelled. That’s pretty smart.

Scott and Mason went and told Kris that Scott was the one that broke the lamp. Kris was shocked because she had blamed everyone else. Initially, he was scared to tell her because he thought she was going to flip out. Kris said that at the end of the day it’s just a lamp and she was mad that no one would come clean. Scott said this was a great lesson for Mason about lying.

The girls were getting ready to go to a drag queen show. Kylie was excited to get loose, have a few drinks and have good vibes. Corey told Kylie he was glad she was in Palm Springs because, without her, things are always off. Kylie said that she loved Corey and they have a great relationship. She appreciated his advice and said he’s a good guy.

NW: Corey is closer in age to Kylie, than he is to Kris, so it makes sense.

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Everyone was dressed up and ready to go. Kourtney dressed Kylie in her clothes, but Kendall still had nothing to wear. Kendall didn’t bring something to go out in because whenever they are at the family house in Palm Springs they never leave the house. She wanted to wear the outfit Kylie was wearing because it was offered to her first, but Kylie basically came in and stole it (according to Kendall). Her sisters all came together to try to find something for her to wear, except Kylie, who was taking shots with Corey.

Kendall changed her top and Kylie told her she looked cute, but Kendall wasn’t having it. Kylie shot back at her with, “Oh like you deserve the outfit more?” Kendall told Kylie the outfit was offered to her first. Kylie told Kendall that she was a hater and she wasn’t going to ruin her night. Kendall insisted that actually Kylie ruined her night. Khloe tried to calm Kendall down by telling her she has a great dress for her, but Kendall did not want to change again.

NW: The fact that they were arguing over this brown jumpsuit is sad. It wasn’t cute and no one should’ve been wearing it.

The family went to dinner, but Scott and Mason left early because they were going back to LA. Kendall wished she would’ve known they were going back because she would’ve gone with them. Meanwhile, Kylie and Khloe had the drinks flowing. Khloe was really happy with how good the vibe was, especially with Kourtney.

After dinner, the family went to the drag queen show. They took two separate cars. One car was lit with Kylie, Khloe, Corey and Kris. The other car with Kendall, Kourtney, and Kim was quiet — so quiet, Kendall and Kourtney were asleep. When they arrived at the show, Kendall decided to stay in the car to sleep.

At the show, Kourtney wanted to make the most of it and have a fun night for Khloe. Kourtney ended up having a great time. Khloe was stressed out at first, but was happy that Kourtney came out. She appreciated the effort.

When the family left the show, Kendall, Kylie, and Corey got in a car together because they were going back to LA instead of the Palms Springs family house. Kendall asked Kylie to drop her off first, but Kylie did not want to go all the way to her house to drop her off. Corey offered to get Kendall her own SUV.

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In the other car, Kris, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney got a call from Kendall and all they could hear was high pitch screaming and arguing. They had no idea what was going on. Kim called their security and directed them to go get Kendall. Suddenly, over the yelling, Corey could be heard yelling, “Stop! Stop! Stop!” Kim asked their driver to turn around. Then you could hear Kendall yell, “You put your heel into my f–king neck!” followed by Kylie yelling, “That’s ’cause you f–king slapped me!”

After some of the commotion died down, they finally found out that Kendall, Kylie and Corey were at a gas station. Kendall was still on the phone, complaining that Corey said “F–k you” to her. In her confessional, Kylie remembered Corey trying to break her and Kendall up.

Kris was heartbroken listening to her girls fight.

When they arrived at the gas station, Kendall quickly hopped in the car with Kris, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. Kendall was tearful and said that Corey and Kylie left her. In her confessional, Kendall said that she didn’t think that either Corey or Kylie were capable of taking it to that level with her, especially because she just asked a simple question.

In the car, Kendall claimed that Kylie asked their driver to stop to go pee. Kendall asked Kylie if she should give the driver her address to her house, but Kylie told her no. Corey asked for the diver to stop the car to get Kendall another car with an attitude. Kendall didn’t want to do that because she didn’t want to ride all the way back by herself. Khloe said that was not Corey’s place to dictate that. Kendall agreed. Kendall went on to say that she told Corey to shut up and claimed that’s when Corey said, “F–k you.” She said Kylie told her Corey did not say that — but Kendall said she was sober, so she knew what she heard.

According to Kendall, Kylie then slapped Kendall on the arm and Kendall retaliated by slapping Kylie in the face. “I will never speak to Kylie never again … she smacked me, I came back at her, smacked her in the face and then she took her heel and put it into my neck,” Kendall told her family. “I started kicking her back. We got into a full fight. The fact that my sister, my blood was reacting that way, it’s so upsetting.”

Kylie texted the sister group text blaming the situation on Kendall’s bad attitude and said she never agreed to take Kendall home. In her confessional, Kylie was sure that Kendall was saying all types of things to the family and it was clear there was a lot of miscommunication. Kendall was super offended and didn’t know how she was going to get through this.

Kim felt bad for her mom because Corey’s involvement made things really difficult. Kris was stuck in the middle. Khloe couldn’t believe that they ended the trip on a sister fight, when the whole point of the trip was to heal and reconnect from the Kourtney, Khloe and Kim fight.

It chipped away at Kris’ soul to know that the people in her family were in a bad place with each other.

NW: This is why I make it abundantly clear with my siblings: I’m not taking you home. In fact, I’m not doing anything for you. Ask your parents. Get out of my SUV. It really prevents a lot of fights.

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