"You're very obviously talking about rumors, you made that real clear with that look in your eye, that's not a friend," Richards told Sutton, who also gossiped about Kyle on-camera with Jennifer Tilly.

Kyle Richards separation from Mauricio Umansky might not be the only split she experiences this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as her friendship with Sutton Stracke seems on the verge of falling apart too.

On Tuesday’s new episode, the pair continued their awkward argument from the previous hour, in which Kyle questioned Sutton about her behavior in Las Vegas and expressed concern that something might be “off” with her.

When Richards asked whether there was something “going on” with Stracke she didn’t know about, Sutton threw the question right back at her. In a confessional, she added, “What’s going on in your life, Kyle? Because you never talk about you. Your life is perfect. You live in a fortress, on top of a very, very high pedestal.”

While Kyle said she was “happy to answer any” of Sutton’s questions, she then walked out of Stracke’s home extremely frustrated.

Though Mauricio didn’t come up directly during their conversation, Kyle felt that’s what Sutton was alluding to the entire time. While Kyle relayed their argument to Dorit Kemsley later, Dorit said Sutton’s “What’s going on with you?” question sounded like a threat — with Richards agreeing by saying, “It was.”

“I knew, automatically, she’s talking about the rumors out there,” added Kyle.

Sutton basically confirmed as much during a gossip session with BFF Jennifer Tilly, where she opened up about some of her concerns when it comes to Kyle.

“She’s gotten very thin. We were in Las Vegas, on vacation and she’s going to the gym for like three hours. Her eating’s been different, she’s not drinking,” Stracke began. “And also, I haven’t seen her wedding band. I don’t know. I don’t know what it is.”

“Now we have a rumor in the tabloids about Mo cheating,” she added in a confessional, as a recent headline was shown on screen. “I just feel like when there’s all of these numbers … it adds up to something’s wrong.”

Tilly said Richards “might be going through something,” saying that when people “get on these extreme self-improvement plans” or does something drastic like cut off all their hair, they’re sometimes “trying to move on to a new phase in your life” and are “desperately trying to regain control of their life.”

How do we get Tilly as a full-time housewife or even a more regular “friend of” position on this show?!

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Toward the end of the hour, Kyle and Sutton attempted to squash their beef while at a screening for Garcelle Beauvais’ new movie … but they didn’t really get anywhere productive. The two kept saying something about the other was “off,” with Kyle saying Sutton was “so full of s–t” and Sutton saying Kyle wasn’t respectful toward her. Stracke also wondered whether her close relationship with Kathy Hilton — while Kyle was feuding with her — was another source of strain.

“That’s between my sister and me,” Kyle said. “We can have a conversation, an adult conversation and go back and forth and not necessarily agree. But when you say something like, ‘Let’s talk about what’s going on with you’ and you’re very obviously talking about rumors, you made that real clear with that look in your eye, that’s not a friend.”

Sutton kept trying to say how “different” she thought Kyle was acting of late, before wondering to herself why Richards didn’t feel comfortable confiding in her about whatever was bothering her. The whole interaction left her feeling as if their “friendship is a farce.”

The episode ended with no real resolution, with a preview for next week showing Sutton grilling Kyle about not wearing her wedding ring during what appears to be another dinner party from hell. Morgan Wade will also make her first appearance on the show this season, with Kyle saying “people are really confused by our friendship” in the sneak peek — before Wade claims Richards “stalked” her.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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