Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen & More Making Water Bottles Designer Purses

On top of household cleaning fads, a number of celebrities are taking advantage of the influx of health-conscious and fashion-forward trends.  Kylie Jenner, known for being the face of what girls really want, has gained her industry weight in luxury accessories and fashion trends now adding to the list, designer water bottles.

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The concept of carrying the massive luxury water bottles around instead of the typical shoulder-leaning designer handbags, is to motivate the carriers to drink more water throughout the day.  Both Chrissy and Kylie have began sporting the HydroMate Motivational water bottle, available for under $30 dollars on Amazon.  Motivational reminders with times for execution bring to life the actual hydra-inspo most people on the go require.  For instance, the 8 o’clock mark says “Ready. Set. Drink!” and by 4 p.m. the bottle is quietly shouting “No Excuses!” for accountability.

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Common knowledge about the science of hydration suggests one should be intaking a minimum of eight glasses of  H2O daily to remain in the green.  Among other celebs sighted lugging around the huge water containers are Julienne Hough, Dakota Johnson and Lucy Hale according to the New York Post.  The question is posed: are these celebs really heaving around these over-sized bottles for the substance or more for style?

The list of designer bottles includes the YETI which comes in at the high-end of the price range at $129.99 and boasts its gallon-sized Rambler as “damn-near indestructible” as its insulated construct keeps your favorite beverages perfectly cold or hot.  The YETI also comes in a junior size suitable for children, or grown-ups with a lessor contingency for water consuming, with a 12 ounce container and a flip out straw and clip-able handle for light-weight backpacking or stroller attachment.

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Anyone seeking exclusivity for their water can opt for the sleek and environmentally friendly limited-edition snow white Winter glass bottle that holds up to one liter of liquid at a time. This bottle will run you a cool $48 however it’s design is made to compliment your style while eliminating the need for plastic and highlighting a BPA-free silicone sleeve.  While the new “It” thing appears to be exaggerated water consumption, the trend is not one to be mad about.

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