Liquor Company Asks Social Media Followers To Find Them A Celebrity Buyer

A liquor company is presenting a unique proposal to its social media followers; find them a celebrity owner, and you’ll earn a commission. The Five Drinks Company made their unsual pitch during a segment on KTLA 5’s “5th O’Clock Happy Hour””.

The idea: “Be the first to tag a celebrity with #BUYFIVEDRINKSCO on social media, and if they buy us, you’ll get a 1% bonus.”

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The segment opened almost like a late night comedy skit as the KTLA reporter looked, dead-pan, into the camera and asked, “Do you know a celebrity that wants to buy a liquor company? This guy sure hopes so.”

From there, the video turned to a strange commercial from Felipe Szpigel, a former Anheuser Busch executive, who presents the idea to his audience. The audience –  celebrities. Rather than the same FOMO (fear of missing out) that most consumers get from a Target commercial, Felipe targets high-end celebs directly, asking, “All your big celebrity buddies own a gin brand, tequila brand…” He even tells prospective buyers that they can keep their acting work once they make the purchase.

Any fans who make the introduction between Five Drinks and the celebrity who eventually buys them out can make up to $100,000 as a finder’s fee. The promotion, which started with little fanfare about a month ago, was noticed by reporters who spotted the fine print on the packaging of the drinks.

The disclaimer says that the bonus is payable only to the first person to tag the celebrity who buys control of the beverage maker on or before August 31, 2021 in a privately negotiated transaction. The follower who uses the #BUYFIVEDRINKSCO tag on Instagram or Twitter will be eligible and the celebrity in question must eventually become the sole purchaser. In the event that multiple people tag the same celebrity at the exact same time, the 1% bonus is then divided equally among the winning taggers.

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The promotion is a stroke of genius in many ways as it has viewers learning more about the company. Even the KTLA hosts question whether we, the followers, are really needed to help make this celebrity crossover happen. As she says, “Probably not.”

If there was any doubt that the attention-getting idea was getting, well, attention, then the segment itself says it all. After questioning their motives, both hosts then take turns talking about the drinks themselves and their unique flavors. Score one for Five Drinks.

Celebrities with liquor companies in their portfolio are nothing new. From George Clooney to Nick Jonas to Justin Timberlake, some of the most elite names in Hollywood have turned to libation creators for income. The next name doing so could be on that puts money in the pockets of their fans too.

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