The Third Floor (TTF), who are responsible for visualization work on dozens of Marvel blockbusters including “Avengers: Endgame,” have launched an animation group as well as a suite of animation tools.

The tools, which have been developed over Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, enable creatives to develop ideas and render in real time. TTF estimate they will reduce traditional rendering and review times by up to 70%, accelarating the production pipeline.

TTF, who have worked on projects including “Wonder Woman 1984” and “Loki,” are known for their pre-visualization, virtual production and post-visualization work for blockbuster films, episodic shows, video games and location-based entertainment.

Now, by combining traditional animation and game engine rendering, TTF will be able to create cinema-quality content within a game engine pipeline.

Creators will be able to iterate and customize characters, environments and special effects as well as camera positioning, lighting and texturing before producing animation sequences that will work on a number of screens and resolutions, including 4K Dolby Vision.

To demonstrate their new capabilities, TTF have released a short final animation film, “Skytribe” (pictured above), on their YouTube channel.

“The Third Floor has a legacy of reducing the gap between story inspiration and realization,” said Josh Wassung, chief creative officer and co-founder of The Third Floor. “We love visualizing stories and have dreamed for over 10 years of pushing visualization to the point we can share stylized, finished art with a wide audience. Harnessing Unreal Engine, The Third Floor’s pipeline is now ready to bring that dream to life through final animation.”

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