Doctor Oz tries out ice water anti-ageing technique in 2019

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Anti-ageing does not need to cost the earth. America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon, Dr Anthony Youn, revealed how women can look younger in just a few minutes for very little cost.

Cosmetic procedure is certainly one option when it comes to looking younger.

However, there are also plenty of things women can do at home to achieve their desired results.

One of Dr Anthony’s top anti-ageing tips was all about eye care and de-puffing the eyes.

Puffiness can occur because of many factors, not limited to tiredness, fluid retention, weakened muscles due to age or a heavy night of drinking.

However, the expert revealed that this issue can be remedied using just two ingredients that you probably have at home.

He told women to leave green tea in the fridge to cool, before chopping up thin slices of potato.

Next, dip the slices of potato into the chilled green tea before applying them to the eyelids.

He claimed: “The caffeine and the cold temperature from the green tea will temporarily tighten up your skin.

“And the starch from the potatoes will also create a gradual lightening effect.”

Dr Anthony’s next tip was to be mindful of your eyebrows and tweeze them when necessary.

He stated: “This works if you have a combination of low and somewhat bushy eyebrows.”

He suggested tweezing the hairs on the undersurface of the eyebrows – for those with clumsy fingers, enlist an expert.

Doing this increases the difference between the eyelid and the eyebrow, which can make the eyes look more open.

This in turn will give them a less tired, brighter and more vibrant appearance. Your brows will also look lifted.

Next, Dr Anthony’s told viewers how they can look younger by applying peppermint oil to the lips.

He suggested that this would give women “plumper lips” without the price tag.

Putting a few drops of peppermint oil might have the same effects but for a fraction of the cost, according to the expert.

He recommended adding enough drops so that the lips get a tingly, warm sensation.

He explained that the irritation on the lips will make them “modestly plump up”.

These tips do not cost the earth but according to the expert, will do wonders for your appearance and looking younger.

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