With the newest series back on our screens, ever wondered how the Love Island contestants still manage to look glam while locked away from their nail techs and hairdressers for weeks on end?

Over the years, many former contestants have spilled the secrets on what actually happens when the cameras are off and how they make sure they are camera-ready.

While the islanders are never shy to strut around the villa in skimpy bikinis, series two runner-up Olivia Bowen revealed that they weren’t able to get professional bikini waxes during their time on the show. Instead, they had the option of roping in a fellow islander to do the job or resorting to shaving.

Series seven islander Megan Barton Hanson said: “I had to shave daily as I never knew if it was going to be my night in the hideaway — I also had no idea how close the close-ups were as I’d never been on TV before.”

She confessed: “I used whatever razor looked the sharpest, but it was hard to look elegant.

“There was no bathroom door and just a slither of frosted glass to protect my modesty so I would be cocking my leg up in the shower while constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was coming.

"I always smothered my skin in coconut oil afterwards to prevent any rashes.”

The combination of sun and heat-styling could also do considerable damage to the contestant’s hair. Demi Jones, who was on season six in 2020, said: “Long hours in the sun made my hair extremely dry, especially when coupled with the constant heat from hair tools.”

To save her locks Demi revealed she would smother her hair in a hair mask while they ate dinner, as it was a time when the cameras were off, before washing and styling it for the night ahead.

She added: “We didn’t have very much time to get ready in the evenings. All the girls would always rush to the best seat, so I saved time by moisturising my skin with a face mask while I did my hair — dryness makes it harder to apply make-up.”

Kady McDermott, who appeared on season two, also revealed that producers discouraged the contestants from wearing make-up in the daytime to make sure they looked different from day to night. Also, she added, it was just too hot.

To make sure her make-up free looks still stunned, season four’s Georgia Steel revealed she swore by Sudocrem for spots during her time on the island. She said: “If I saw a slight pimple trying to breakout on my face I would slather it in Sudocrem and go to sleep. Though, it did not look that glamorous, it often worked.”

Many Islanders also took care of their skin by avoiding spending too much time in the sun, opting instead for fake-tan to produce their enviable glows. Love Island podcast host Arielle Free revealed: “They fake tan a lot too as they don’t want to sunbathe too much or burn.” Meanwhile, the boys were not afraid to slather on the shimmering oils in order to appear more toned.

While in the past many of the girls had to adopt DIY beauty routines during their time on the show, Laura Whitmore recently revealed: “On Saturday, when there is no show on, their eyelashes and acrylic nails get redone.”

Laura also let slip that the contestants now have someone come in to do root touch-ups and trims, with 2019 contestant Lucie Donlan revealing they get McDonald’s on hair trim days. The finalists are all also treated to a hairdresser and make-up artist for the last episode to make sure they look and feel their best.


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