After a long wait,Love Islandis finally back on ITV and a new group of singletons have enteredthe villalooking for love.

On Monday’s episode, the Islanders explored the brand new Mallorcan villa which is bigger and fancier than ever before.

However, those living in the villa are subject to strict rules about what can and can’t be brought with them.Vera Clinicexplained all of the villa dos and don’ts.

In a recent TikTok video from Chloe Burrows, the runner-up from last season revealed that fake tan was banned in the villa.

Since the bedroom is a big part of the Love Island episodes, producers did not want the white bedsheets to get destroyed by unsightly fake tan stains, so the Islanders are banned from adding a golden glow.

Another key beauty routine for many of the Island’s girls are eyelash extensions.

Back in 2021, the rules in the villa differed due to Covid and since glam squads weren’t allowed because of restrictions, eyelash extensions were banned.

The show’s first episode on Monday night presented an amazing beauty room, which many of the girls flocked to to reapply their lipgloss.

It’s no surprise that the room is well stocked as this year Boots are sponsoring the show and they will be stocking the villa with a range of beauty, skincare, sun cream, and male grooming products for the Islanders. Therefore the contestants do not need to bring their own beauty products with them.

When it comes to fashion, this year the show issponsored by eBayto promote sustainability.

The Islanders are lucky enough to be given a continuous flow of clothes to wear as part of partnerships with the show's sponsors. This means that they are not allowed to wear any of their own clothes if they contain identifiable brands, logos, or slogans.

Since there are cameras rolling 24/7 and any moment throughout the day can be aired on TV, the Islanders are prevented from being nude.

The shared nature of the villa means that this should be a given, but the contract makes the contestants agree to be dressed appropriately at all times when on the show.

Although each contestant is given their own phone on the show to take photos and receive the famous ‘I’ve got a text!’ messages, their personal phones are strictly banned from the villa.

Being unable to have any outside contact with their friends and family or log into their social media accounts, it really is the ultimate opportunity for a digital detox.

Although it makes sense considering that contestants are not permitted to have any form of contact with the outside world, there is no WiFi connection in the villa.

Amy Hartpreviously revealed that the phones they were given are “jail-broken” as everything but the camera and texting messaging are strictly off limits.

If you’ve ever wondered why the Islanders never seem to get drunk during the parties and evenings, it’s because their alcohol limit is restricted.

Each Islander is permitted to have two glasses of wine or two glasses of beer during a party evening. Food is also supplied and producers are able to take shopping list requests from the contestants.

Most of us have never experienced life without the time, but for the Love Islanders, they have to adapt to life with no concept of time.

With no watches and clocks allowed inside, it has also been reported that the time is covered up on the oven and the hot tub.

Past Islanders have said they have to use the sun to gauge the time of day and are told when to sleep and wake up by the producers.

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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