It’s not been the easiest start on Love Island for newcomer Will Young, with none of the girls expressing an interest in the TikTok farmer during the show’s initial coupling.

With no other choices left to pick, Olivia Hawkins found herself forced to couple up with the 23-year-old, to get her through the first night on the show.

Things soon worsened the following day too, as new bombshell Tom Clare arrived on the scene and re-coupled with Olivia, leaving poor Will single and at risk of being booted from the villa just days after arriving if he doesn’t manage to win over one of the ladies before the end of the week.

If he’s eliminated, Will will be returning home to Buckinghamshire, where he has already made a name for himself on TikTok as he documents his day to day life on a working farm.

Here, we take a closer look at his life off screen.

Early life

Long before his days in the villa, and even before he began working on the farm, Will had always aspired to become a professional football player from a young age.

In fact, he was so committed to her dream, that he even managed to secure a place in Watford FC Academy, however he left the club at 13, after realising he wasn’t ready for the intense commitment to the sport he would have to make.

Focusing on his school work instead, Will sat his GCSE exams and moved onto sixth form, but after experiencing a difficult time, decided to drop out and turn his hand to accounting instead.

Despite giving it his best effort for a year in total, he found it wasn’t for him, and soon returned home to his family’s farm.

Life on the farm

Will currently lives at home on the farm, which is located on his family's £1.6million sprawling estate.

Primarily specialising in sheep, according to the Financial Times, Will and his family have over 4,000 currently under the care, alongside five alpacas, who all bear the name of greek gods.

Will himself also has two pet pigs, named Timon and Puma after the iconic Lion King duo.

Alongside being a working farm, it even boasts a roaring rental trade too, with guests able to hire a cottage on the grounds for just under £600 for three nights.

It was here on the farm, that Will first found fame during the coronavirus pandemic, as he updated fans online with his day to day work to keep everything running, even as the outside world ground to a halt.

"Having grown up on a farm, it's been quite difficult juggling relationships and work," he admitted in his pre-villa interview.

"Love Island will give me time away from the farm to solely go out and find love. I think I'm at that time of my life where I'm mature enough to go and find a wife.”

He added: "My mum didn't step on the farm for the first 20 years of my mum and dad's marriage! What attracts me is energy, if the energy is there, she can do whatever she wants.

"As long as she respects what I do and my busy times of the year, then that's all I need. If she loves it, bonus! But it's not a big issue for me."

He's even taken girls on dates on his farm in the past.

"I'm not a big dater but the dates I've been on have been super romantic," he said.

Celebrity connection

As well as his impressive social media following of 1.2million people, Will previously revealed he’d worked with Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman!

Visiting the farm to work on a commercial for Head and Shoulders shampoo, Will revealed Claudia had left him more than a little soggy as he recalled the visit.

"She was lovely and got stuck in. She poured water over me," he revealed, with the finished advert featuring the star throwing a bucket full of water at the shirtless farmer.

Daily routine

One of the ways Will stays in tip-top shape, is by committing time specifically to self-care every day, to help get him in the right headspace to tackle what needs to be done.

“Every night I light a candle and meditate for 20-25 minutes. A girl I was seeing told me to meditate, I tried it and loved it,” he admitted prior to entering the villa.

“I stopped seeing her and carried on meditating! It’s a nice way to self-reflect, taking a minute on my day/ week. It’s really nice and sets me up for a nice sleep.”

According to the NHS, meditation and mindfulness can actually be beneficial for mental wellbeing and even help to reduce stress and the associated symptoms that accompany it, such as poor sleep, anxiety and even depression.

Death threats

Despite his usual upbeat videos and likeable personality, Will isn’t a stranger to controversy, after animal rights charity PETA took issue with one of his videos, in particular.

Back in April 2020, Will shared a video of him lambing and chose an upbeat tech-house song as its soundtrack.

Reposting the clip on their own social media channel, the organisation lambasted Will for his lack of professionalism as they wrote: “This farmer is a disgusting creep. He’s dancing over her body as she gives birth.”

Will also received further criticism for several other farming videos, including one where he assisted in a difficult delivery after the head and hooves became stuck.

This lead to Will being targeted by vile trolls online and even hit with a string of terrifying death threats.

Defending his videos, he said in a Tiktok clip: “It was just two hooves and a head, pull it out, job done. I’d never have hit the camera out for a situation I wasn’t in control of.”


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