When you're feeling peckish, sometimes a random snack can go a long way.

But when one man shared an image of his afternoon meal, people didn't know what to make of it.

In the now-viral snap, he had a bowl of baked beans with a couple handfuls of paprika flavoured Pringles.

Posting on Reddit, the user/Brettus_Maximus uploaded the picture with the caption: "Snack genius or heathen? Cast your votes!"

The post has since received a mixed response with over 800 upvotes and hundreds of comments from social media users.

So what do you make of this lunch? Let us know in the comments below!

One Reddit user was totally mesmerised by the thought of using Pringles as a spoon, as they asked: "Will those be eaten together?

"Or beans first then Pringles? Have you no spoon for your beans? Wait a minute… The Pringles ARE the spoon aren't they?"

And yes, the uploader later confirmed it was all true.

While another couldn't help but notice something else as they commented: "I like the plate and bowl."

A third suggested: "Needs melted cheese," while a fourth said: "As long as the Pringles are spicy flavour then that is genius!"

But other fans couldn't get on board with the man's invention with one writing: "No. Just no."

Another even claimed it was illegal as they commented: "You should go to jail."

And a Reddit user slammed the snack while calling it "disgusting".

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