Martin Lewis is the Money Saving Expert who will regularly share his tips and tricks on how to save money. Today, he spoke about how to save money when booking train tickets. Although train fares can be pricey, he explained booking now could get Britons the best deal. The expert also spoke about why using credit cards can offer the best protection and which accounts give the best rewards.

If you’re train-ing home for Christmas and New Year, now’s the time to start looking for tickets.

Martin Lewis

For those booking train travel in the future, such as for Christmas, they could grab a bargain by doing it now, Martin explained. 

He said: “If you’re train-ing home for Christmas and New Year, now’s the time to start looking for tickets.

“Rail firms usually confirm timetables and start selling advance tickets around 10 to 12 weeks before the travel date.”

However, Martin explained Britons must act fast as the deals won’t be around for long.

“Oversimplifying somewhat, there are only a limited number for each journey,” he said.

“So if you want to book the super cheap advance fares, the earlier you do it within that time the better, as it means you can ensure availability.

“This is a heads-up to be ready to start checking your trains if you know when you’ll travel. Some firms including CrossCountry, Hull Trains and TransPennine Express are already selling fares up to 27 December, others are due to launch them soon.”

He also spoke about using credit card when making large purchases will give the best protection for shoppers. 

Martin added: “With credit, debit and most charge or prepaid cards you get chargeback protection, which is part of Mastercard, Visa and Amex’s rules and means you should get your money back from your card provider if you don’t get what you paid for.”

Speaking about different credit cards, he outlined the accounts with the best rewards. 

Martin said: “The Amex Platinum Everyday gives five per cent cashback on all spending in the first thee months, then up to one per cent after. There is a 22.9 per cent rep APR if you don’t fully repay.

“You’ll need to spend £3,000 or more a year on it to get any cashback. Though remember Amex isn’t accepted in quite as many places as Visa and Mastercard.”

The Money Saving Expert also explained M&S credit card holders can earn money with their account.

He said: “New M&S Reward cardholders get 2,000 bonus M&S points worth £20 if you spend anything on the card in the first 90 days.

“Plus there’s a 500 bonus point voucher for M&S spending, so buy a banana in M&S and you’ve made £25. There is 19.9 per cent rep APR if you don’t fully repay.”

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