Looking to take your desserts to the next level?

MasterChef host Marcus Wareing has shared a cooking hack that will make your puddings taste “more balanced”.

In his latest book, Marcus Everyday, the professional chef recommends using alcohol in sweet dishes.

This should give them a deeper flavour and prevent them from tasting too sugary.

Marcus explained: “I like using a variety of alcohol’s when cooking sweet dishes.

“Alcohol helps intensify flavours and cuts through sweetness, creating a more balanced dish.”

Alongside the pudding tip, Marcus shared a simple recipe.

To make his pear, blackberry and walnut crumble, the expert cook always adds a splash of brandy.

First, he pre-heats his oven to 200C.

Next, he melts butter in a pan and adds dark brown sugar.

Keeping the ingredients on a low heat allows them to caramelise.

Once the sugar has a bit more colour to it, add in quartered pear slices and a splash of brandy.

After cooking off for 10 minutes, pour in some blackberries and cook for a minute

You can then move the fruit into a pie dish and add your crumble on top.

Marcus recommends a flour, walnut, cinnamon and caster sugar mixture for a bit of crunch.

When everything’s assembled, pop the dish into the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes.

Looking for more ways to add booze to your puddings?

Make sure to add a touch of amaretto, cognac or rum to your tiramisu.

Alternatively, you can add a couple of teaspoons of whisky to sticky toffee pudding sauce.

And don’t forget the sherry next time you’re making trifle!

Happy baking, everyone.

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