The women of Wine Country have been making great content for decades.

So it’s pretty bizarre that some journalists still start interviews with Maya Rudolph and say, “Well, it’s an exciting time to be a woman in comedy!” Yawn. The superstar comedian laments comments like those in this clip from Monday’s Busy Tonight, which sees her responding to a series of eye-roll-inducing hypothetical statements drawn up by host Busy Philipps. (The hypothetical reporter round is promptly followed by another scenario in which a relative calls to say “that dress you wore to the award show is tacky.”)

Maya’s Wine Country costars and longtime friends Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Paula Pell and Ana Gasteyer are there to weigh in, and it’s safe to say they’re all in agreement about how they’d handle the “woman in comedy” conversation.

“I just tell them to suck my d–k,” Maya says plainly. And also: “Bitch, were you in a coma?” 

The band of funny women dole out lots of zingers during their Busy Tonight appearance—and highlight a couple of behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Wine Country that prove these gals really are living out their own personal sketch comedy show, on- and off-screen.

Those who’ve seen the new Netflix movie probably remember that scene where Paula’s character gifts her pals with a collection of personalized vibrators before their semi-fictional girls trip kicks off. Even better than the story line itself is the fact that it happened in real-life:

“On the real trip and in the movie, I went the night before at midnight to the Hustler store on Santa Monica,” she recalls. “I went and got very high-end vibrators slash dildo-y vibrators for every one of the gals and I bought separate batteries.”

Paula’s a really good friend. Hear the hysterical story in full in the clip above!

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