Meat shortages on items like lamb chops could hit UK due to lack of staff

BRITS could see a shortage of meat items like lamb chops and steaks due to staff being told to self-isolate due to Covid.

Trade body the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) said businesses are currently seeing a shortfall of up to one in 10 workers.

Around 10% of the meat processing industry's 97,000-strong workforce have been told to self isolate by the NHS Covid app.

It means that products that need more high-level butchery skills – like lamb chops and steaks – could be in short supply.

Handmade burgers and specialist sausages could also suffer too.

BMPA said that businesses are therefore having to cut down the range of products they're offering because of the lack of staff.

Chief executive Nick Allen said: “If the UK workforce situation deteriorates further, companies will be forced to start shutting down production lines all together.”

It comes as 500,000 people are self-isolating everyday, with businesses – including Wetherspoons – having to close venues at short notice due to staff shortages.

Shops and boozers have been calling for the government to tweak the NHS Covid app to avoid it causing further chaos to staffing issues.

Meat isn’t the only fridge staple that could be in short supply this summer.

A shortage of Haribo sweets is expected to hit the UK this summer due to a lorry driver shortfall that could threaten Britain’s supermarket shelves.

Haribo confirmed it is “experiencing challenges” getting sweets into shops.

Meanwhile, a Cadbury 99p flake shortage hit the UK in May due to an unprecedented demand for the crumbly chocolate.

Cadbury confirmed to The Sun that supply has failed to keep up with a boom in demand for the ice-cream topping staple across the country and Ireland too.

The Sun revealed there was a national shortage of baby milk across shops including Tesco and Boots earlier this year.

Sainsbury’s warned shoppers about a national pet food shortage earlier this year.

Pedigree and Chappie dog foods were recently recalled over fears they could contain dangerous levels of vitamin D.

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