Is Meghan Markle officially a princess? According to baby Archie's birth certificate, yes.

On Friday, Archie's birth certificate was made public, confirming that he was born in a hospital and not at home as previous reports suggested, and that Meghan's official occupation is "Princess of the United Kingdom."

Prince Harry's occupation is listed as "Prince of the United Kingdom."

People reports that Meghan hasn't been referred to as a Princess since her wedding to Prince Harry last year, and the couple were given the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex by the Queen after they were married.

Kate Middleton and Prince William were also listed as “Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom” on their children's birth certificates, so it seems like official occupations are different from royal titles like, Duke and Duchess.

Archie's birth certificate was registered 11 days after his birth, and just two days shy of Meghan and Harry's first wedding anniversary. While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex didn't reveal the certificate like Kate and William did with their three children, it's a public document that was bound to become available as everyone scrambles for more info about baby Archie. 

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The Duchess of Sussex may be her official title, but "Princess Meghan" has a nice ring to it. 

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