Usually when it's snowing, we like to wrap up.

But one model decided to brave all in a series of snaps taken in the freezing cold weather. Kerolay Chaves tested herself as she stripped to just a bodysuit while out in the snow.

The bombshell wore a beanie hat and mountain boots as she strutted her bountiful curves on Instagram. Her 71,700 followers were left in awe over the snaps.

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She recalled having goosebumps as she showcased her butt and toned legs in the -5 degrees. Both photos involve her really flaunting her bum to its full potential.

Her caption read: "I was all goosebumps. -5 degrees so value it and comment because I did it for you, see." She just about risked frostbite as she stood on the snowy hill with her thick socks and boots.

Kerolay pretty much wore nothing but the thong bodysuit and, of course, a hat to stay warm above. Followers couldn't believe their eyes when she posted it earlier this week.

One wrote: "A wonderful iceberg," while another gushed: "Beautiful, I don't know how you withstood so much cold, jeez warrior woman."

And a third commented: "Jeez bb is going to melt all this ice," as a fourth chimed in: "A hot kiss."

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This isn't the first time Kerolay risked all for a shot on Instagram. Previously, she stepped out in an "inappropriate" outfit as fans told her to "put clothes on".

She wore a white crop top and risqué pair of denim shorts with black flip-flops. The first snap shows the influencer standing by the car door with her back to the camera.

A second picture is from the side which shows her booty at a different angle. In other posts, Kerolay seriously teased followers as she bent over in the car to show off her bum.

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