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An OnlyFans model, who is also a cam girl, has admitted that she earns money by doing ‘nothing’ and lets her kinky clients ‘perform’ instead.

Red hot redhead Nova Jewels is a pro in what gets her admirers hot under the collar – and previously shared that she earns £100 for just a 30 second wee.

From water sports to sploshing, the X-rated babe from Scotland has plenty of tricks up her sleeve.

But, Nova doesn’t always have to grab the attention on camera to get her subscribers throwing the cash her way.

Earning around £3,000 a month, the ‘sexy ginger’ sometimes just lays down and watches her naughty fans do the work instead.

The sex worker has managed to convince her clients that she is a ‘princess’ – and it certainly seems like she has got her subjects in place.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, Nova gave us the lowdown on how callers are a ‘dream’ for reversing the role.

Nova explained: “Rather than me being the one who is on screen chatting, teasing and dressing up, I have my callers who let me just lie and chill out with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and I will watch them dress up, play with toys and perform for me.

“Those callers are a dream. Talk about easy money for me. The roles have completely reversed.

“I'll lie and watch them while encouraging them, telling them what I like and don’t like and some of them just want me to chat to them generally because they love my Scottish accent.

“When they are the ones performing I really have to do very little.

“Sometimes I’ll play with myself at the same time if I’m horny but if not I’ll just lie there and watch the show."

The kinky babe doesn't have to do much convincing to put her fans in their place.

"It’s usually easy for me to convince them that I’m either a princess or a spoiled brat. It depends what their kink is," Nova claimed.

"Most of them have analysed my profile before making the call so they are already hooked before I even speak to them. "

As she relaxes with a cuppa or a tipple, Nova has certainly seen a lot as she sips away on her choice of drink.

She added: “I have seen all sorts. From 14 inch dildos going up their bum to putting their private parts into cages to dressing up in fishnet body stockings and putting on makeup.

“I have witnessed things on cam that a lot of people will probably never see in their entire lives.

"This industry is a big eye opener as well as a big earner.

“I can’t lie, it really is the most entertaining job out there. There is certainly never a dull moment for me."

Although she doesn’t have to put in the effort, Nova still makes £1.85 a minute (£111 an hour) by just letting her fans perform.

“Some of them stay on with me for an entire hour while they play with themselves and put on a show and all they ask in return is for me to enjoy it and give my opinion and encourage them throughout the call.

“If only all of my calls were as easy as that…”

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