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A model has said "weekly oral sex" and "proposing within a year" are among the requirements from any future boyfriend.

Moriah Mills, 28, from New York in US, claimed she is a "10 out of 10" and has high standards when it comes to the men she dates.

Her ideal boyfriend will have to send her 12 dozen roses every week and know how to cook and clean.

In a video posted on TikTok, she says: "I don’t struggle for dates, I’m a 10 out of 10 and I don’t need to waste my time on someone who isn’t prepared to put the effort in.

"I want to be wined and dined and looked after but he has to also respect that I’m a girl boss who earns her own money.

"And I can’t stand being pocket-watched – never comment on how much money I spend.

"He also has to have his own money as I’m not supporting anyone."

Moriah, who is also a rapper and an actress, also expects the man to have a high standard when it comes to fashion in that he has to dress well and smell good.

Despite earning a significant income through her music, modelling and OnlyFans career, she expects to have the cash splashed on her.

"I want 12 dozen roses sent to me at least once a week and even though I usually pay for my own nails and pedicures, I would expect him to pay for them at least once a month," she adds.

"I also want an allowance to show how much you appreciate me.

"He has to spoil and romance me."

Moriah says she wants a "masculine man" to look after her as her last couple of boyfriends got into fights because they "couldn't the attention I got".

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And they have to be good in bed, with the model adding: "The sex has to be amazing and you should give me oral sex weekly."

Last but not least, if any guy has managed to make it through 12 months then they better be prepared to get down on one knee if they want it to last.

Moriah added: “If you’re still lucky enough to be dating me after one year and I don’t see a ring, I’m going to break up with you.

“I have too many options, you’re wasting my time."

Viewers were divided when they reacted to her video as some said they don't mind the long list and are "happy to sign up" for it.

One said: "With high standards like that, must be worth it. I'm all in."

"Okay baby, I'm ready for you, so pretty," a second wrote.

But others said the demands were over the top and asked Moriah what she could bring in for the "deal".

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"12 dozens roses at least once a week? That's 144, what are you going to do with all of that?" a viewer asked.

Another commented: "What's in it for me though? Can you cook?"

A third added: "No thanks, I rather save that money. I will just watch videos here for free."

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