It was tat at first sight.

“Just looking for a Tinder match to get matching tattoos with,” reads Chris DeSanti’s bio on the dating app. “Match my impulsiveness and spontaneity.

On Saturday, he found his match.

“I immediately swiped ’cause [it sounded] fun,” Kennedy Walters tells The Post of her impromptu ink with a total stranger. “We were gonna get a taco, but I was thinking, ‘I always wanted a shamrock tattoo.’”

The college senior now shares matching four-leaf-clover tattoos with DeSanti — and ” it only took three minutes.”

The two 22-year-old Pennsylvanians went on their first date afterward, hanging out at DeSanti’s friend’s house before bouncing to a bar.

They have plans to hookup for a second date soon.

In one respect, though, Walters has already committed herself to DeSanti. “He’s my one and only,” she says, referring to the fact that she doesn’t plan on getting matching tattoos with a stranger again.

For DeSanti, an assistant manager at Hollister, this is his fourth matching tat: he and one pal share an ocean wave emblem on their butts, and he shares ankle puzzle pieces with another buddy.

One loyal friend even inked “SUH” on the inside of his lower lip to match DeSanti’s mouth tat, which reads: “DUDE” (as in “What’s up, dude?”).

Still, though, Walters is special. “This was the most spontaneous one,” he says. So far, he has no regrets. “I just like doing things that keep my life exciting.”

Walters’ proud mama thinks she’s pretty special, too: “I’m Tinder tat girl’s mom,” her Twitter profile reads.

The tattoo stunt has already gotten him more impulsive opportunities: a friend invited him to go skydiving after hearing about the matching tats.

DeSanti is somewhat concerned, though, that he’s inspiring a trend.

“Someone messaged me on Tinder and was like, ‘I bet I could beat your impulsiveness,’” he says. “She was like, ‘I’m doing a bet with my friend, and we’re seeing who can get a matching tattoo first.’”

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